9 Best Offline Action Games for Android

Are you looking for a series of action games for android? Then, Here I’m presenting you the Best Offline Action Games for Android, below.


For gamers who love to play dark graphic games, Into the Dead is one of the top android action games offline. 

Gameplay: The game is representing the horror theme where you found dark houses and graves. In the graves, you will find weapons for fighting with your enemies, which are Zombies. To survive there, you have to fight with zombies with your weapons. 

Therefore, the dark graphics of high quality foreshadowing the format of the game and theme. Let’s talk about the gameplay of the game, the less you hurt, and the more you kill zombies. You get scores in two ways by killing zombies, and the other is by sharing with friends. 

Anyone who likes to play horror and adventurous games INTO DEATH can entertain them. So the high graphics, adventurous theme, and Offline mode make it is the best action game for Android offline.

2. Cover Fire-Offline Action Shooting Game

 The game is full of action; Cover Fire Action Shooting Game in offline mode never let you feel down. Besides, the game has amazing sound quality when you shout with the gun; it produces stunning sounds. At the same time, the graphics of the game seems fantastic among many of the offline games. In short, the game provides its users with a great experience in all ways.

Gameplay: You will provide with a massive range of weapons to kill your enemies. Remember that the whole game is based on actions; the person in front of you is your foe. While attacking others first, keep yourself secure once your health bar finest; you have to start over again. Grenades and guns will help you in bombarding enemies. Anyhow, you can reload the gun, but it takes time.

Moreover, there are numerous levels of the game, more than three-hundred. When you start first, it will engage till the end, throughout the game, catch your all interest. The rewards are the other best thing about the game. 

However, it takes 338 MB storage of your phone space, keeps your phone ready to store this game before downloading. Still, this thrilling game leads with the 4.5 ratings on the Google Play store’s 4.5 ratings and more than fifty-one million downloads. 


SoulCraft is an interesting action RPG game made up of unique gameplay. In this game, you can see the role of demons, angels, and human beings in one place. The setting of the game is Egypt, Rome, and Hamburg, etc. With the joysticks, buttons, and swipes, you can play the game.

Gameplay: There are groups of demons, angles, and people who will fight with each other. So, you can join angles, demons, or a human team with whom you fight with others. All of these kill each other to rule the world. However, you can fight using magic or swords. 

Furthermore, you have to increase your skills and power by collecting items from different items. Gamers can enjoy the game without any problem of the internet, now enjoy the game.


With 1980s vintage look entertaining audience for ages. Back in the computer days, every gamer installed this action game on their computers. Now it also came for Android phones with great graphics. There is the various mission of game every mission has interesting features. Moreover, you use the map to see your location.

Apart from this, the most interesting are the codes that you can use whenever you want. Such as cutting your hair, changing clothes and cars, ride-on buses, helicopters, and many more things to do. Even the weapon for killing enemies you can choose yourself. Anyhow, this is the one of the best offline action games for android.

Anyhow, it will charge 1.5 GB storage of space for your device. No doubt, GTA is the best offline action game for Android. 


 If you are interested in a game that makes you feel like a real hero, then Critical Ops is the best android action game. With this game, the user not only enhances his tactical skills but also intellectual. However, the game is new but full of thrill.

Gameplay: In this game, you are the one who fights against the organization of terrorists. You alone will finish the malicious group of terrorists and save the city. Besides, the massive weapons such as rifles, sniper, and pistols, etc. Each weapon possesses a certain aspect that makes them unique from another and uses in certain situations. For each map, the user has to choose a new weapon.

With the addition of premium skin of weapons, it brings you to the next level. However, you can continue amazing Critical Ops offline mode for free on Android with or without this. 

6. SHADOW FIGHT 2- Best Offline Action Game for Android

Shadow Fight 2 is the most popular game with downloads from more than a hundred million Play stores. The game has designed with old Japanese themes; the Japanese fighters kill each other’s shadows—also, the graphics of the game representing vintage and the dusty look.  

Gameplay: You will choose a fighter who is going to compete with a shadow. In this game, there are many players and antique weapons that have certain characteristics. So, you can choose any weapons to defeat the opponent. In this whole scenario, you have to keep yourself secure from the attack of shadow. In the case of head injuries, the user has to pay a great penalty. 

On the top, there is a life bar that you have to maintain full; otherwise, you can lose the game. In the same way, your focus should be on finishing the life bar of shadow. Where you end the life bar of the opponent there, you reach to next challenge. 

Overall, the game is full of challenges and fun for the users. It only takes 148 MB space of your android one should try this classic game. 

7– Dead Effect 2- Best Fighting Game 

Dead Effect 2 is a science fiction offline android action game where a primary character is lost in a galaxy. So the protagonist lands there to help there and provide reports to authorities as there was no signal and report before it. Moreover, the situation is bad everywhere; the government agent spread everywhere while the station has damaged. 

Gameplay: The setting is of sectors of space stations, no roads, and streets. Further, you are not going to use pistol and rifles there but laser cannons and blasters. However, the protagonist will fight with the enemies with the stages the enemies will expand. 

Also, you have to finish along with withe Alpha and death, both. You have to secure your land from these unknown mercenaries. Nonetheless, there are many more adventure and levels of the game with an exclusive range of features. You will enjoy this game. 


The Death Trigger featuring zombie characters as enemies whom you will kill. The thrilling missions that you will complete with your friends. However, the graphics of the game is well-developed while producing realistic sounds. 

Gameplay: You have to finish the people who are infecting zombies while protecting yourself and your friends. In this game, the hints will give you people, and you can use the map. Also, you can choose the weapons according to your wish for killing zombies. 

Yet the game’s size is 119 MB only and has 4.5 good ratings on Google Play Store. You can have the beautiful experience of playing such a realistic game. 


UNKILLED is a stunning shooting offline Android game configure with the theme of adventure, horror, and action. Where you with your group have to save them from dreadful zombies. These zombies are wandering in the street, houses, and every corner of the city.

Gameplay: There are more than three hundred interesting challenges in the game. Furthermore, a group of a warrior will be sent to diminish this course. At the same time, a member of their group called Joe somewhere lost and apart from them. Now, they will also find Joe and save the rest of the survival of people. Besides the fighters, the foremost task is to kill the infected people to make the earth a secure place again. 

Every fighter has discrete features that make them different and unique from others. Above and beyond, game sounds and graphics are splendid. 


In this article, we mentioned the free offline action games for Android devices. We have to give a short description of every game to learn about the theme and gameplay easily. Thus, you can choose the game of your interest.

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