Adventure Communist v6.21.0 MOD APK (Free Upgrade)

What if you built an empire through an idle game and were a potato tycoon? It is not impossible to create a mighty empire with an idle-style game. Strategy games typically deal with empire building, but things get really strange when you plant potatoes. You will automatically change your mind after I present to you Adventure Communist, which is an amazing game. With Adventure Communist MOD APK  by Screenzilla, you can experience a simple yet fascinating game you can play online. Gameplay during idle time makes this an ideal choice for those who need a little entertainment while they’re idle.

Therefore, you benefit financially when you use the hacked version. With this hack, you won’t have to worry about not having enough resources since plenty is provided. The best thing about this version is that you do not have to pay a penny to enjoy it. I think this is really the most remarkable aspect of it.

Additional Information

GameAdventure Communist Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesFree Upgrade
DeveloperHyper Hippo
Downloads10M +
Size77 MBs
Last update2 days ago

About the game Adventure Communist MOD APK

This time around, AdVenture Capitalist developers have launched Adventure Communist apk mod all unlocked, a new project. There’s nothing short of a masterpiece in store for the gamers with this latest release.

To play this game, the players are simply required to become the most powerful dictator within the Communist state, in which case, acquiring a lot of resources is not enough; they need to upgrade their research and obtain other optimizations as well.

With this game, the game’s predecessor has been surpassed quite successfully at being an idle clicker. So the player doesn’t have to watch the game all the time. The game continues earning revenue on its own on the basis of its instructions, so players are free to switch offers.

In essence, it enables you to influence people.

The article is meant to serve as a guide for the newbie, or for those who have played AdVenture Capitalist before. For those who have already tried it, the article will be an easy path for progression.

By adding new simulations and twists to the game, the game becomes dynamic and challenging. We’ll start right now. Your currency earnings will increase with this tutorial. Now, download Adventure Communist apk mod unlimited gold.


It remains true to the original story in Adventure Communist apk mod. The primary objective of the game is to grow as many potatoes as possible, as these potatoes are the beginning of your glory. In terms of mechanics, the game is fairly straightforward. Managing your resources is also important. Your arsenal, ore, potatoes, and medicine are included.

Click until the upgrade bar is full to create one of those resources. Every time you click, the multiplier of resources will also be raised once you read a particular value. In addition, you can hire workers so you don’t have to click very many times. As an additionally available extension, you have the chance to add more workers. To get the resources, you must hire these specialized workers.

Features of Adventure Communist MOD APK

Straightforward Gameplay


As a critical resource, this is a must-have. The update to 3.0 came out this year. As you rise in rank, the mission gets harder and harder. Research should be collected and marketed in this case, as ranking won’t bring better results. You can unlock 93 out there of 96, but there are 96 researchers altogether. 115 ranks are required to unlock the remainder. In competing in events, you can only receive five researchers when you reach your threshold. The more missions you complete, the more researchers you unlock.

Achieving missions

The mission in Capsule is similar to anything else in a game: It is a task that the player needs to accomplish and get a reward. A Wood or Stone Capsule will be awarded to you when you complete a mission. You reach a new rank and get a Silver Capsule after completing a certain number of missions. Gold and Science are sometimes awarded for missions. In addition to missions, cards can be collected, resources can be collected, science can be collected, and researchers can be promoted or spent.

Order of preference

Each player’s rank measures the progress they have made in the game. Usually, three missions have to be completed in order to advance in rank. All unclaimed science rewards will be automatically collected when you level up. In addition, the Potato lock is the only industry that remains in place.


Comrades can increase their production rate by engaging in trade. As a product needs Comrades to be constructed, trade is crucial. In addition to building high-tier resources and reaching higher industries, Comrades are also used to reach higher levels. Buying five Trades means you will be able to pick from five industries. Getting successive trades in the same industry will lead to a higher base resource.


Gold, researchers’ cards, and science are all capsule rewards. There are a wide variety of reward options you can get to unlock them.

Aerial drops

In most games, you won’t see an Airdrop. Periodic events like these are considered to be normal. When you arrive at this point, you will receive resource, science, and comrade bonuses. Tap on the crosswind plane while it flies. Depending on the event, the drops might be conducted by boat or another type of aircraft.

Events of all kinds

A lot of exciting events will take place in Adventure Communist unlimited coins apk mod each month. The games include You Move and Power Underwhelm. There are also a number of strategy games, such as Back to the Future, Iron Man, War of the Worlds, Motherland Winter, Crude Oil Rush, Comrade Cowboys, Comrades’ Union, and The Potato Export Disaster.

In most events, players have to complete missions, which include 21 ranks. Industries and researchers have different needs for each event. Be sure to reward them with a lot of rewards so they can get as much as possible.

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MOD Features of Adventure Communist

  • Updates automatically
  • Gold without limit
  • All devices are supported
  • A simple and intuitive interface
  • Script to encrypt connections
  • You are not required to use a root.

Install the following software:

  • Activate untrusted sources under Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  • Please see the download section below for more information
  • The file should be stored on the device.
  • Install the Mod Apk by tapping on the app.
  • Completed.
  • Thanks for watching!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is gold spendable for anything?

Purchasing Supreme capsules whose prices are 750 gold will allow you to use your gold most effectively. However, the chances of getting Supremes per gold will increase by 40% when investing in events carefully. This can be accomplished by indulging 40k shards and seeking out scientific rewards.

In the wake of the event, what will I get?

The rewards are given based on the ranking that is achieved. A leaderboard milestone may then be reached. Your progression and resources earned will not be saved for the future event.

How do I level up if I haven’t completed all missions?

You decide. To put it differently, whatever you enjoy doing is what you should do. The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems. According to some, staying in the higher echelons will provide no benefit since you will get more reward capsules. Other researchers say they can raise their levels of research by using strategy.

When are they available to sign?

Every eight hours, the Shop will be refreshed. Approximately 20% of the time, you’ll see 1.5k gold in the top right corner of the screen. And only 12% of opportunities for Supreme to turn up in the bottom-middle for 40k Science.

Is AdVenture Communist a real company?

Installing the hacked version can be done by following these steps. By clicking on Online Hack, you begin the process. Afterward, you fill out the information directly on the website hack. Once you’ve generated and verified the installment, you can activate it. After completing an offer, you get rewarded.

Final Words

It usually enhances the game’s enjoyment to use AdVenture Communist MOD APK. Additionally, the hacked version can generate Gold according to your liking. Additionally, it takes up little storage space and contains no malware within, so it keeps devices secure. In order to avoid being detected by the server, you shouldn’t overuse hacked apk.

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