BitLife Mod APK Download: Life Simulator on Android, iOS & PC

BitLife Mod Apk is a life simulation game containing pro features for free for game lovers. The format is exciting and unique. Most of the people want to change their past want to handle their life with all conscious. Nevertheless, they want to enjoy the moment which they miss in life.

BitLife mod apk

In this game, you pass from birth to death cycle of life. Furthermore, every play relevant to real-life is a child, then a lover, a husband, and a parent. You have the right to choose the things for you. You can be a responsible citizen or a criminal; it depends on you. However, the consequences that occur will be the result of your actions. 

Gameplay of BitLife

BitLife Simulator Mod Apk has designed while considering the whole life cycle of man from birth to death. The most exciting thing that a person with a mechanic routine can escape from the dull and tired life. At the different stages of the game, you will get proper feedback for your actions. 

Everything depends on you, either you want to have an everyday life or scandalous life. In actuality, you prefer to be a good son, a good team member, a good citizen, or a good family member. On the contrary to this, you can also choose to fall into criminal life. Besides, being involves in all these criminal can scare your family members, parents, as well. 

Here the bottom line is that you can dictate your life what personality and lifestyle you want to live in life. 

When you enter in BitLifefe game, you will see their main menu comprising of options, “New Life,” Setting,” and “Cemetery.” Now, click on the New Life, and the two options again appear of Random Life or Custom Life, choose according to your convenience. 

Childhood to Adulthood

Childhood is the very first stage where the character is an infant. At this stage, the game introduces your parents, their occupation, siblings, star sign, pets, and current status. Usually, life starts with a random set of life graphs with plenty of health and happiness. You can add one year to your character’s age by choosing the option of age. 

Comes to schooling, a player can join primary school at the age of 6. At the age of 10-15 player can attend secondary school according to the nation your player belongs. Also, the characters can interact with their classmates and school faculty. Moreover, they can join the clubs, clans, unions, and other activities according to their countries.

In Adulthood character reaches to their eighteen age many horizons become open for them. A name gets a driving license and brings a graduate. Now he is no more dependent on where he belongs. He can create his personality. If he wants, he can continue the status of a student by opting for higher education. Meanwhile, he can drop study and go for a job or military. Even he can choose unemployment or a part-time job.

It all depends on you, whatever suits your character. However, at this stage, you may have more activity options to join. 

Overall, the more you explore this game, the more you see the options to experience. 

mod apk

Some Facts Need to Know


For playing the BitLife apk mod version, you need to choose one of the characters representing you in fame. There are many characters in the game, and each of them has four fundamental indicators. These Four essential attributes are Appearance, Healthy, Intelligent, and Happiness.

 Further, among these attributes, health is the most vital one. Because health will be used in playing, studying, and surviving life, on the other hand, the appearance is the least considerable as you can do cosmetic surgery with money. 


Being secure financially is immensely important in life. You have to use the money for buying a car, house, or business in various life stages. Also, you can use the funds for your cosmetics surgery and purchasing other things.


You will assign to an individual status at a certain age. Anyhow at the infant stage, you belong to no occupation. At the age of 6-18, you will continue to study. When you reach 18’s, it depends on whether you want to continue learning or doing the job. 


Time is the main factor in this game; usually, you can find such a unique concept. We know that it’s a universal truth that you can’t go back in time. While in this game, you can mold your life in your way your time. Isn’t it interesting?


How can one imagine human life without relationships? Life can’t be meaningful and cherished without relations. The game has made while considering society’s real facts to belong to a particular family, friends, and partners. Moreover, you can do different things for them to add spice to your surroundings.

However, there are other things as well as what a character associates. For example, you can start a family of your own, have a child or two, and choose your life’s directions from time to time. Also, you can be a part of club parties and casinos. In case of medical need, you can go to the hospital. All and all, a player can enjoy a luxurious life. No restrictions will be imposed on you. 

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Tips and Guide for Playing BitLife-Life Simulator

We have prepared a guide and add some tips for the gamers who are naive in this game. There are various aspects of this life game that makes you a pro in it. So, we decide to add all the necessary information about the BitLife Apk game. Below is the complete guide go and read. 

Repetition of activities 

BitLife Mod Menu has not defined any limit for activities you do in a year. However, it does not mean that you can repeat a single movement again and again. Firstly, think about what would be beneficial not only at present but also in the future. For instance, if you do repeat the gym daily, it will help you to maintain health, which is most important throughout the game.


As discussed above, health is the most crucial factor in the game. So, if you fell into sickness, then make sure to consult a genuine doctor. Otherwise, in the city, some malicious doctors also there. You will not have to pay for medical services.


Usually, married to an old partner can be seen as beneficial for your character. With this match, you may get the inheritance of your partner. Then, you can use their money to live a luxurious life. I know it sounds mean, but there is nothing wrong with thinking about you and fulfill your wishes. 

But if you have a lover sort of personality, then prefer your feelings in both game life or real life. 

Study hard 

If you are born with the middle or lower-middle class’s fate, you must give your best at studies. So, make sure to select the option to study harder every time. After this, you can enroll and continue your research at a scholarship. You will not be included in the list of student who has a large amount of loan on them. Moreover, this attitude also helps you in getting a suitable job for yourself. 


Always try for the lottery in the game. In this game, you can gain the opportunity to be a holder of the jackpot. In reality, it’s hard to have such types of options. Anyway, the game is less cruel than this hard life. A single lottery can change your living significantly.


Give your best in making your parents proud and happy all the time. If you become a rebel, then you not only deprive them of their love but also inheritance. You should spend most of the time with your parents to give them good company. The legacy that you get from ancestor will help you a lot in making a great fortune. 

Green Bars

Your character’s life depends on the green bars of the game. The place where you lost these green bar there you can lose all this imaginary life. You can obtain these bar green by doing activities such as reading a book, doing mediating, and the gym, etc. 

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How to Install BitLife Mod Apk on Android

Most people have not a very exact idea of how to download such files. For helping them out, we prepare a useful guide for installing the game file effortlessly.

  • Click on the above download BitLife Apk file. Go to the download page.
  • Then, download the game in few minutes.
  • Check your device’s downloaded files folder to check your downloaded Apk.
  • Now click on it if the file us is there; otherwise, download the game.
  • If the file creates an issue while being installed, go to android’s settings<security<allow unknown resources.
  • Now the again try to install file will start installing and complete process in a few seconds.,
  • In the end, the game is ready to play.

How to install BitLife Simulator Mod Apk on your PC and iOS device?

Now you can download graphics files on PCs and iOS as well. On PC, you can experience the fantastic graphics of the game more clearly and obviously. I things this is the best thing to play games on the PC—talking about iOS so the iOS users will not deprive of this excitement. 

Indeed, you hear the name of BlueStack; if not so here you can become familiar with this tool. The tool helps you in installing such sort of file on various devices. Beyond this, BlueStack is an excellent modifier; you can shape any file according to your need. For example, you can bring the change in game’s graphics and sizes, etc. 

The most prominent thing that needs to highlight is the Ram of 2 GB’s requirement on your device to start this game.

Wrapping up

We have shared all the necessary facts about the game that one must know. Please read the post carefully to play the game beautifully and master it BitLife Mod Apk 2022. Spend your life like a pro, no matter it is a game life or real life. Always give your best, never lose your hope and courage. 

At last, share this article if you find it helpful with your friends and family. Enjoy the game; if you have any confusion, you can ask in the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BitLife God mode on Android?

A one-time payment of $4.99 is required for God Mode. Bitizen ship does not offer this feature. The feature in BitLife lets you edit anyone’s name, looks, and stats, excluding skin color, as many times as you like.

Is there a PC version of BitLife?

BlueStacks app player is the best platform to play BitLife – Life Simulator on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience. Before you die, download BitLife – Life Simulation on PC and live the life you truly want.

Are there cheats for BitLife?

BitLife lists jobs randomly, so you might not find the job you are looking for.In that case, you need to shuffle the jobs; there are two ways to shuffle the jobs – enter the next year by tapping the age button or restart the app. The application should be restarted by closing it and reopening it.

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