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In the list of multiplayer fighting games, the name of call of duty is somewhere on the top. Its smooth gameplay and impressive graphics, and other great features are the reasons for its popularity. There are different maps and modes of the game. With the addition of the Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk version, you will have access to all the premium features for free.

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GameCall of Duty Mod APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins
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Gameplay modes: includes single-player and multiplayer modes. If you have game partners, squad mode is also added for you. Furthermore, you have various multiplayer modes and iconic CoD maps. It might be hard to play the game because the difficulty increases as the player’s level increases.

But don’t worry, using Call of Duty Mobile Mod can save you from this difficulty and help you become an advanced game player. The modded version of the game gives a player a better experience of gameplay. A common question for newbies might be what mod apk is?

The short and simple answer to this question is that a mod apk is a modified version of the original app or game with many extra features added, including all the original features. The extra features added in the Mod Apk of call of duty are aimbot, better healing, easy to play gaming interface.

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Detailed Features of Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk

Many features are leading this modded game to this point of fame. The key features are described below:

Unlocked characters classes

Unlike the normal version, all the characters of the game are unlocked in the mod version. You may choose a specific character without passing the stages to unlock that characters. All the characters are unlocked with their max level of potential


In the normal version of COD, aiming at an enemy is a tough job. The player has to aim from far places in most cases, and the enemy is also changing his position continuously, so aiming becomes tough, and the chances of our death are also equal. But don’t worry, COD mod apk is also the solution to this.

The COD modified app contains an auto-aim feature. With this feature, you can kill enemies from far places. This is the feature of targeting an enemy automatically if you place the aim point closely and press the shoot button. Unlike the normal version of the game, you can kill the enemy with just a single shot instead of many calls. Point the aim close to the enemy, and pressing the shoot will automatically catch the enemy. This will kill the enemy in a single shot, so you need to hit multiple shots. In the beginning, the auto-aim feature may be a little bit difficult for you, but you will like it after understanding it.

Auto Reload

In the survival games, when every second is deciding our death or life, then reloading the weapon after every few minutes or seconds becomes a major issue. Our reloading time is a chance for an enemy and danger for ourselves.

Unlimited COD points

COD introduced points that are used to upgrade weapons, characters, and other things. These points possess a great value for progress in-game. Moreover, you will have to earn these points by completing different tasks in the normal version of the COD game, but you have unlimited points in a mod version of CoD. Also, you can upgrade your weapon or character at maximum level. Nonetheless, you can use these points for level ups too.

Unlimited Ammunitions

Another effective feature of the COD mod game is unlimited ammunition. They can be used in warfare modes. This feature of games gives the players a feature to damage enemies effectively as all the players have limitless Ammo. So, there is no need to wait for reloading.


With this unique feature, you can see across the wall. There are color boxes that help you to know about enemies. Your rival’s health is also no more hidden for you with the help of this feature, and you can see the health of your enemy. Anyhow, the feature lets you know the ammunition of your enemy.

Anti-Ban Properties

Further, it is a common issue for mod apps or games to get banned by developers. But safe versions of call of duty mobile apk also exist, which are provided by us. If you download call of duty mobile mod version, then you will see anti-ban properties. The reason is that you will play in the same server as developers, and the proxy keeps you safe. One more feature included is that no one can report your account.


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Call of Duty Mobile Gameplay and Tips

1.        Optimal settings for Graphic

If you are using a smartphone that does not support high graphics, you can choose optimal settings for a better experience. To enhance overall game speed and performance, reduce the graphical performance. By turning off HDR from the resolution feature, you will get better game speed. Similarly, turning off the shadow also enhances the game performance, and you will easily overcome your enemies. Remember that these settings are to enhance game performance if you have a low graphical phone. If you have a smartphone with good graphical support, you will get a good speed without reducing the game’s graphics.

2. Choosing the right Shooting Mode

Game developers offer two reliable shooting modes. If you chose simple modes, shooting would be automatically triggered to an opponent. You can kill enemies easily. The feature is very effective for beginners.

On the other hand, for advanced players, there is manual mode. This takes enhanced skills because you have to point the shoot manually on the enemies; otherwise, wrong shots increase.

3. Characters and Classes of Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk

There are several important characters in the game, and before selecting the best, you should know every character’s abilities. In the following, characters are described shortly but completely:

  • Scout

Scouting on an opponent will give a big advantage because you know the position and strategy of opponents. Scout class boosts the game in two different ways. Firstly, you can see the footprints of enemies, and you can kill them smartly. Secondly, you can know about the players highlighted in your neighborhood with the help of a sensor dart.

  • Medic

Medic class also provides special boosts while processing through the level. A circle is created around the character that helps to set up medical stations. All the players of a team can heal safely in the circle. Moreover, Medic will reduce 25% healing time for a knocked player.

  • Clown

The clown acts as an anti-zombie boost that helps in zombies’ awareness within 15 meters. More it has a toy bomb to call zombies in the first place from the rows of enemies. In this way, killing enemies in plenty becomes easier.

  • Mechanic

Next one, the mechanic class gives advantages with EMP drone that can launch a drone. They continuously cause EMP interference in enemies. They have other boosts, too, for augmented sights. It will make the vehicles of enemies stop in a radius of 80m from you. It will only help you in zombies’ mode.

  • Defender

Finally, this class is a defender that produces a flashing shield that reduces the damage by 20%. The defender has only a problem with bullets because it can’t protect you from bullets. While the enemy is firing, you should be conscious. Overall, it boosts strategies to help you with effective progression.

  • Ninjas

They are not powerful classes, but they have unique skills that prevent attacks at higher rates. Ninja includes grapple hook, noise reduction, footsteps noise muffled that allow going closer to enemies.

4. Taking advantage of Drones

The drones will help you to get the exact positions of enemies. After knowing the exact location, you may easily fire a missile at the same position, even from long ranges. Anyhow, this option is only available in multiplayer mode.

5. Upgrades of Weapons

By upgrading weapons, you will have to equip some advanced tools with weapons that make weapons more deadly. While upgrading weapons from time to time, you will enhance your gaming skills too. An upgraded weapon’s stats increase, and targeting the enemy for far-off places becomes an easy thing.

6. Throwables and Helicopters

The generic smoke, stun grenades, frag grenades are advantageous when stuck somewhere, and you can’t go out. All this helps you to give a surprise attack at your enemies.

You may fly helicopters, but that may also be risky. However, the best time to advantage of helicopters is when the zone is shrinking.

7. Falling from Height

Falling from a height may cause death, and this is a usual problem for almost every gamer. But you may survive more by trying to stay in the right form and gliding through the heights.

8. Crouch or Slide

When you are standing in front of an opponent, you leave a large target area in front of him. Try to crouch and slide so that the enemy can’t find your exact position to attack because you are continuously changing your position.

These are some tricks and gameplay modes that may lead you from a naive to a pro player.

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