Chapters Mod Apk- Interactive Stories (Unlocked All)

As the name suggests, Chapter: interactive stories is a visual novel game filled with lots of amazing stories and dramas. It is also a storytelling game where you can LIVE your stories. Each wise step will take the game/story to a different end. You will unravel the deep mysteries with a fantastic experience of sensational stories in your stories. This popular role-playing game comes with many premium features like creating stories, choosing your fantasy, and many other things. These features have to be brought if you want to access and utilize them. Here will provide you all of those premium features for free in Chapters Mod APK. You are going to experience many additional features, too, along with premium features.

Something more about the game is that It allows you to choose stories with adventure. The stories are creative, not predictable.

Tale genres: Here is the top collection of almost every genre of stories. The collection includes romance, fantasy, adult, and drama stories from different authors. However, you can pass the Chapter in your stories that you don’t like and choose your favorite ones.

 About Chapters: Interactive Stories

Chapters: interactive stories highlight innovative ways to solve your stories. It presents your story to the users in visual ways.

  • Here, you choose your own love stories. Love stories of all the character types, including your favorite one, are included too. Also, you can choose the love stories of princes to a story of a nerd guy with his best friend since childhood. The stories are divided into categories.
  • The gameplay is relaxed in its way despite a complicated method. Although the gameplay follows a storyline, the stories are always different. These are the choices of the writers which lead the same character to a different ending.
  • Moreover, in this game, you can customize your character. Customization of the clothes, hairstyles, skin color changes the appearance of the character. The different appearance will help you have unique ideas.
  • This game is not just a 2D application with images and text but a series of stories. The beautiful looks in the design of the characters are very impressive.

What is Chapters Mod APK?

Chapters Mod APK is a modified version of the original version of Chapters APK to experience it better. You will experience all the premium features and items unlocked for free. Some of these premium features and items include dialogues, free great books, love, vampire stories, and other things.

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Features of Chapters Mod APK

As discussed above that this is an application that is full of features and adventures. The game is not only enjoyable for a short interval of time but happiness for a maximum period. So below, I had highlighted the special Mod features of Chapters: interactive stories.

Unlimited diamonds

For unlocking any of the Chapters instantly from Chapters, the premium currency used is diamonds. In the normal version of the Chapters (available on google play store), you need to watch many annoying and time-consuming ads. At the same time, this mod chapter version brings unlimited diamonds for you. So, you can use this version of the Chapters apk to unlock a Chapter of the game instantly without any limitations.

Ad-free gaming experience

Among the worst items of any game that fully wreck up the game, advertisements are somewhere on the top. Similarly, a normal version of Chapters is filled up with many annoying ads that usually divert users’ minds.

But with the Mod version of the application, you will not see a single ad. All the ads will remove manually from the gaming application.

Unlimited tickets

Tickets help you to read multiple Chapters of the stories at a time. In the normal version, tickets are available to you if you buy them from the game store. Later, you would be eligible to use it.

But, it might not be affordable for everyone. What does this mean that you have to right to use the feature in this case? But this is not so; the Modded version gives you unlimited tickets without spending a single penny even.

Free shopping

As discussed previously, clothes and the customization of hairstyles and skin colors affect your story. Meanwhile, there are many premium clothes and customization sources that may be mandatory for you. So, the Mod version brings all these purchase items for free. It offers you to use these choices without utilizing your valuable diamonds.

Special features unlocked

You will get many additional features like skipping of characters continuously, running your story in your way in this Modified version of the Chapters: interactive stories.

Now, you can enjoy your game without waiting and the fear of limited resources. Mod version adds many premium and features in the story game Chapters: interactive stories.

Free Access to New Tales

As discussed before, the game APK consists of more than 100,000 books. Besides these enough books, many new novels are being added up daily. With this Chapter’s mod, you don’t need to pay to access the new uploaded tales. If you can reach the tales, you will access the tales.

Free to download

This version provides all the premium features, the application is still free to download. You can download and enjoy the applications without any cost.

Safe and secure

Moreover, the application is 100% trusted and tested. It is a malware-free, safe application ever. Over millions of users, it is still holding its trust among users. Also, the app is SSL encrypted, which is a surety of the security of the app.

Famous Chapter stories

The most famous stories of the game as per user experience are given below that should be given at least one try:

  • The Entanglement Clause
  • After the kiss
  • Playing Hard to Master All the Wrong Places
  • Chapters books to read aloud with your kids

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The story comprises Stanley Yelnats and his experiences at Camp Green lake. The story will sometimes make you laugh and cry for the next moment. You will ponder the destiny with your child.

Charlotte’s Web

Furthermore, this children’s novel consists of a cast of beloved farm animals. You will experience a wonderful read.

The Giver

This novel will help you throughout your conversation with your child about truth, destiny, and value to life.

Creating your Own Story

Before starting your story, you have to create your character and customize your character. For providing the best look and outfit to your character, customization can be made, starting from hairstyles to makeup. Present your character as a realistic character. Also, meet other characters and make the relationship you want.

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Make Responsible decisions

Although all of the stories are in your hands, try to make responsible decisions because your decisions are like soul to the story. The ending of the story is directly dependent on your decisions. Replay the plot of your story if you can’t find a memorable end.

Create creative Stories

Try to create stories with creative content. Invent destiny before you invent a new character. Make your story should be interesting and exciting to get your story into recommendations.


Many sounds have also been added to express the appropriate mood of your character. These sounds express the emotions of a character well. You may turn them off if you don’t like them.

How to Download and Install Chapters Mod APK?

The download process is not so tricky. Just follow the steps mentioned below to download the Mod version of Chapters most easily:

1. First of all, click on the download button at the bottom of the page.

2. The downloading process will start automatically. Let the downloading process be complete.

3. Check the destination folder for the download path and install the file by clicking on the install button.

4. If the installation fails, then go to your phone’s system settings and allow the installation from “unknown resources.”

5. Then install the app again by clicking on the downloaded file. 

6. The app will be installed n a short time. Now, your application is ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get the diamonds and tickets for the game Chapters for free?

Download the Modified application that has unlimited diamonds and tickets for free. Click on the download button and then install as guided.

Is the Chapters game free or paid?

The Mod application with all the premium features is free to download and use. Just download, install and enjoy.

Is it safe to use episodes Mod APK?

Yes! It is a 100% free and safe application to download and use on your android devices. You should know that the application has been tested and presented to you. This application will not compromise your privacy and security.

Final Words

I hope that you guys have got a perfect version of the Chapters: interactive stories APK. Now, choose your story, have the help of the Mod application and create a best-ever story. All the frequently asked questions tried to be answered, yet you may comment down in the comment section for your queries. We try to resolve or help you to resolve your issue regarding the Chapters Mod APK.

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