Choices Mod Apk ( Free Unlimited Premium Features)

Stories You Play is a visual novel game with various fantastic stories and dramas, as the title implies. It’s also a storytelling game in which you can LIVE your reports. Each wise decision will lead to a different conclusion in the game/story. With a tremendous knowledge of sensational tales, you can unravel the deep mysteries. Moreover, this famous role-playing game includes several premium features, including the ability to create scenarios, choose your fantasy, and more. If you wish to use these functions, you must bring them with you in the case of a free version. Choices Mod APK( Free Unlimited Premium Features) will offer you all of those premium features for free. You’ll have access to several new features as well.

Here are the choices of you that matter to create something amazing. Moreover, you may choose all of your options by selecting only one Choice: Stories You Play.

Story Genres: 

The top collection of nearly any genre of the story can be found here. Nonetheless, the series features stories by various writers in romance, fantasy, adult, suspense, and drama. You can skip through the chapters of your stories that you don’t like to go straight to the ones you do.

About Choices: Stories You Choose

Choices: Stories you play focuses on new approaches to solving your stories. It uses visuals to voice your opinions to the users.

You can build your own love stories here. There are love stories with all kinds of characters, including your favorite.  

The tales are separated into different groups. These groups may either consist of love stories of princes and a story of childhood friendship that converts into love.

Despite a complex process, the gameplay is relaxed in its way. Even though the gameplay fits a plot, the storylines are still special. These are the decisions made by the authors that result in a different ending for the same Character.

You have the option of customizing the Character. Also, you can change the dressing, hairstyle, and skin color to alter the Character’s look. The different looks will assist you in coming up with a new idea.

Choices Mod APK

Choices Mod APK is an improved version of the original Choices APK. You can have access to all of the bonus features and items for free. Unlimited keys and diamonds, free fantastic story collection, adventures, and other premium features and pieces are among them.

Also, you can check Episode Mod Apk.

Features of Choices Mod APK

Mod version of the application enables various features for users of every kind. It also provides features that use the application just for enjoying the tales of others. Also, it will bring you many parts of you want to create your story.

Here are the dimensions of added features in the application:

Premium Unlocked

Every top downloaded application of the play store is locked as premium for some features. You will need to pay money to use these premium features. The same is the here in the Choices app of the play store. But if you don’t want to purchase the premium version and access these features, then Choices Mod APK is here for you.

Almost everything in this game is unlocked, in Free Choices, Outfits (improved), Hairstyles, Looks, and Skins. Aside from that, you’ll find that several more items have already been unlocked. You will be able to explore the game with this completely, customize the Character of your choice with Skins and Outfits’ aid and use the essentials with the rest of the Unlocked Premium Features.

Unlimited Keys

Stories are never enough, especially when they are great. So you will also lack many stories among millions of stories whenever you become addicted to the Choices. But Choices Mod APK will never let you be worried about that. Keys are a helpful tool for opening new stories and characters in the original version.

In Mod versions, you will get unlimited keys. It will bring you out endless stories for you and total characters for your account.

Unlimited Diamonds

 If you want to unlock any chapter or plot, you’ll need keys and diamonds. However, these are paid, and there is a restriction of 5 diamonds every 24 hours if we want it for free.

As a result, this Mod provides you with an available supply of keys and diamonds. Now you can enjoy your favorite adventure story without having to pay for it.

Unlimited Stories

The Choices Mod contains an infinite number of stories divided into horror, romance, mysteries, drama, and many others.

You can also search by series to find any episode or segment. The use of categories and sorting makes it easy to use and understand for newcomers.

Various Adventures

The game is full of adventures and thrillers. Your mood will decide experiences for other readers. You will manage the Character’s job, life, partner, and future too. Your decisions are valuable for a lot, so make smart decisions.

Ads Free

Popups of ads at any time is always a frustrating act. In the free original version, the same happens. You will see popup ads while using the application. When you open any chapter or story in the official Choices app, popup in-display ads appear. So it degrades the mood and, inevitably,

But you will not see any of the ads in the Mod version of the Choices. You will enjoy a better user experience by using a Mod version.

Additional Features of the Choices Mod APK

  • So, below, I’ve listed a few more features that I think you’ll enjoy.
  • l Control immersive visual stories in the best storytelling game.
  • l PIN-protected in-app purchases
  • l It’s easy to sign up
  • l You will feel the characters’ emotions.
  • l A collection of stories from various genres.
  • l It is simple to save your progress.

Some Stories from Choices Mod APK

Here are some basic stories have given that will provide you a basic idea about how to play and enjoy the app efficiently:

The Freshman

The story is about making new friends, meeting new people, and falling in love with schoolmates. You have to date many characters at once. Would you do it?


The flam is an adventure story all about taking back the kingdom that you have stolen. You have to build your army and get back to your domain. Your Choices will decide whether you will be able to take them back or not.

Perfect Match

You have to sign up for a matchmaking service in the perfect match and find your ideal partner. Later you may fall in love with your partner.

There is a huge collection of stories in the library section. Just go, select and enjoy.

How to Download and Install Choices Mod APK

I’ll show you how to download the Choices game Mod APK using the simplest method below. I’m writing this guide from the viewpoint of a newbie so that someone with a basic understanding of cell phones can put it together.

Step1: first of all, click on the download button provided in the article.

Step 2: Wait until the download completes; if the downloading has not been started yet, then follow the steps provided on the screen.

Step 3: Go to the android settings and then system and security. Then allow installation by unknown resources.

Step4: Again, Go to the downloaded file and click on the file.

Step 5: When you open the application, it may show a warning. It is just a security warning of the system if you try to install APK from the browser for the very first time.

Step 6:  Now click on the install button and let the installation be completed. After the installation completes, you are now done with all. Just enjoy the Modded features of the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Mod version of Choices safe?

Yes, using the Choices Mod is fully risk-free. I reviewed the Mod for viruses and malware and uploaded it here after it passed my security checks. You will enjoy it without fear of an Android hang or anything similar.

Is the Mod version the latest version of Choices?

Yes, this Mod version is the latest version available on the play store, which is 2.8.3. You will enjoy all the newest version features in an unlocked version by using on Mod version.

Does this application need any human verification process?

No, not at all. You don’t need all those. Just download and enjoy without any user-disrupting function.


If you are an adventure lover and want to enjoy love, fantasy, horror stories, Choices Mod APK is the best application. All the features make it more popular than even the original version. These features are described in quite a detail. Downloading and installation process is also explained in detail. Go, something creative is waiting for your attention in the application. Although most of the queries are solved in the article, you may ask any question in the comments section. Your query will be appreciated and solved with the best. Finally, I would request you to share the post with your friends who are adventure lovers like you. Thank you!

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