Clash of Clans APK – Download / How to Play COC ?

Download Clash of Clans APK from the downloaded button, the freemium 3D mobile game on your Android for Welcoming the Planet of Clash. You can also download Clash of Clans APK the game from the Play Store for your Android device, while for the IOS devices, use the App Store to download COC. Internet connection will require to play the clash of clans game. 

Important Note: Now, you can download Clash of Clans APK latest version free; however, some items carry a price. If you are not interested in these items, you can dismiss in-app purchases in your mobile phone settings. According to the policy of Clash of Clan, you should be at least 13-year old to play or install the COC game. A good internet connection is mandatory for playing the game.

Clash of Clans Apk Features

  • Begin your Clan and invite your friend, or you can also take part in the Clan of fellow players.
  • Take part in the Epic Clan Fights with your friends as one team and defeat the whole globe.
  • In the Clan War, Leagues evaluate your skills, improve them if required, and prove yourself a real champion.
  • To get fantastic magical items, participate with your clan troops in Clan Games.
  • Special events, friendly wars, and social challenges. 
  • Give training to your forces with numerous friendly upgrades.
  • Protect your land with several war weapons such as bombs, cannons, walls, and traps.
  • Get the opportunity to defeat the Goblin King in a series with your army.
  • With the uncountable blends of troops, heroes and spells conspire advanced fight strategies.
  • After accessing the builder base, find new characters and buildings in this magical land.

New Features:

  • From Town Hall 11 onwards, unlock the tremendous power of super troops. Now attack with the whole new experience with the keen troops.
  • Now the Headhunter is there to make sure the troop’s defense and complete the enemies’ work quickly. 
  • Latest content for the latest levels for the town halls eleven to thirteen with numerous updates.
  • Feel the furry-ous rising as the latest troops, the Scattershot, the Yeti, and the horde-breaking defense.

What’s New?

“So many minor bugs are fixed and improved”. 

Clash of Clans, also called COC, is one of the most popular games for years developed for both Android and iOS users. You can get several versions of this 3D incredible game available on google play.

How to Install COC APK  on your  Android?

  • Firstly, make sure the Internet connectivity to your device.
  • Download the latest version of Clash of Clans APK on your handset.
  • Go to your mobile settings then security to allow the enable the option of  unknown sources.
  • Search your downloaded Clash of Clans APK and place it where you want in mobile.
  • Open the file, and press on the install button.
  • Lastly, enjoy the game.

How to install multiple Clash of Clans APK on Android Tablet?

  • Go to the settings of your tablet.
  • Tap on the Users.
  • Now click on the Add user (profile).
  • Then choose and click on the User.
  • Now confirm by clicking okay on the (add a new user) option.
  • Finally, now the player makes a new profile on the Android tablet and enjoy it.

How to Play Clash of Clans APK? / A Complete Guide to Play COC


Now the thing is that how you know which items will help you in playing the COC game. There are mainly four resources or currencies in the APK that allows you in upgrading a building, traps, and defenses, which are the following:

  • Gold: used for upgrading town hall and for building protective structures. 
  • Elixir: used for training and upgrading new troops and upgrading individual facilities that will operate in bombarding the next player’s base.
  • Dark Elixir: used for training and upgrading dark elixir troops available at the Town Hall 7. 
  • Gems: Gems is a premium currency that provides you up 3 to 5 builders at starting; however, without this feature, the gamer will have only two builders.

The player can fire on enemies for fortifying their villages and earn Elixir, Dark Elixir, and gold, whereas gems will be available on premium APK. 

Players have to build gold storages, elixir storages, gold mines, and elixir collectors to reserve and earn Elixir and gold. The warriors such as Barbarian King will be available at Town Hall 8, and Archer Queen will be at Town Hall 9 and create dark spells. 

At Town Hall 11, the Eagle Artillery is available, which is a defensive building. Also, a new hero called “The Garden Warden introduces in this stage. Further at the Town Hall 12 “Giga Tesla,” a defense will install. Lastly, at the Town Hall, 13 Royal Champion and Scattershot will be unlocked with the swap of Giga Inferno with Giga Tesla.

Players will have various buildings to defend their Clan with the addition of mortars, traps, archer towers, wizard towers, eagle artilleries, tesla, cannons, bombs, wizard towers, and scattershot. Moreover, with the upgrade of levels, you can build up the walls too. 

Troops and Spells 

The game has been designed with two types of barracks: ordinary barracks while the other is dark barracks. 

  • Barracks: these barracks help in producing troops by using Elixir. 
  • Dark Barracks: these barracks also help in creating armies but with the use of dark Elixir. 

Furthermore, the game also contains two kinds of spell factories: the ordinary one and a dark spell factory. However, the dark spell factory plays more significance as it develops spells that require minimum space; thus, one can use more attacks in the ground of battle. 

The workshop one can attain at the Town Hall 12. Interestingly, 

Four kinds of siege machines can build by this building, which is the following; 

  • The Battle Blimp 
  • The Wall Wrecker 
  • The Siege Barracks
  • The Stone Slammer 

Builder Base

A new game mode is known as “Builder Base” has released by Supercell in the game. Builder Base offers the users of COC to have a chance to go on new land and make a unique village for themselves with various sorts of buildings. 

Apart from this, players can destroy each other’s bases by attacking them simultaneously in this game mode. However, the player who succeeds in earning more starts by invading an opponent’s land will get bonuses in the form of trophies, Elixir, or gold.  

The performer can only earn Elixir or gold in the initial three conquests in the periods of twenty-four hours though trophies can be achieved afterward.

  You can speed up the process of the game by using gems. The Clock Tower helps in speeding up the whole builder base temporarily well the Gem mine also faster the progress of the game. Battle Machine even invent in this version is the only hero with the capability of reusability called the ‘Electric Hammer”.

In Builder Hall 9, there is a secondary builder named OTTO; you can achieve it after completing several challenges. Afterward, this builder can move between the home village and builder base. 

Game of Clans and it’s mystic items

Clan Games introduced by Supercell in December 2017. In games of clans, people work together, fight together, and earn points together by accomplishing tasks. With every success, new bonuses introduce for unlocking the new level.  

The magic items had also introduced in this Clash of Clans APK by attaining in the form of rewards or through events in the Clan Games. Nevertheless, you can use these magic items to get different resources, select extra troops, or finish upgrades. 

The Clans and Clan Wars 

The clans are a group of people who encourage each other to make one’s empire and destroy the opponent. The communities can help by giving material things like weapons, shields, and magical items or giving verbal advice.  

All of the above, the Clash of Clans gameplay is about competing against others in the “Clan Wars.” The game is not only about fighting and all but also proper strategic planning and management while playing.

Besides all these, it depends on the Clan leader and Co-leaders to decide to whom against they start a war. There are two days for every Clan one is “preparation day,” and the other is a “war day.” 

More the destruction of other’s land more reward in your way. The concept is that if you destroy your opponent, 50% or more one star will your, similarly for damaging the other party’s town hall, and real base damage bring you closer to the last star. 

Each player has the opportunity to attack two times in one war, and in the end, the team who will succeed in attaining more stars will declare as a winner. If both clan teams have the same stars by chance, then the decision will be on destruction level; greater the destruction, greater the victory. 

Moreover, Supercell allocates the bonus war loot to the team who will have more number of stars. The loot bonuses depend on the base’s level as the top base will have more bonus loot than the last ground. Further, the loot bonus is fully allocated to the clash winner in the case of draw or loss; only one-third of the loot will deliver to the player. 

Some changes have been updated in May 2016, such as social challenges introducing classmates with no benefits and loss to the clans. Furthermore, Clan War Leagues introduced in the update of October 2018. In this way, a wide range of fights armies can do for advancing their level in leagues and earn maximum medals in the Clan War Leagues.

However, the Clan with the more stars will promote to the higher league while the Clan with the less star will demote to the lower one.

Build your Clans 

COC is the most played and world widely enjoyed game; in this APK, the player has to build up their clans in the form of villagers. As king of your Clan, you will have an absolute right to enlarge your empire and dominate there. 

You have to make your people strong, crafts, and smart. With the help of strong troops and numerous war weapons, you can defeat your opponents. 

Also, you have to defend your villages from the enemy’s attack and invasions. On the other hand, conspire to invade and win other clans as the COC is about civilizations clashing.

Being a True Leader

Being a leader isn’t easy, but it can be fun at the same time. You have to prepare your team of strong fighters with appropriate resources to build a village. These compatible fighters and resources will enhance the chances of defenses of your town and land. There are fourteen kinds of warriors whom you can train, and simultaneously you can make up to four-tier troops with the help of these heroes.

Furthermore, with different warriors, you should be aware of the strengths, weaknesses, and specialties of each of them. So, you can carefully determine the best one to fight against your enemy. Apart from these, strategies play a vital role in the Clash of Clans Game. By applying one of the processes, you can make rehabilitations and other benefits changes to protect your kingdom from falling apart while an enemy attack. 

Do you want to know more about COC?

We have researched and found some new predictions and information about Clash of Clans, especially the rumor parts to be part of the game. 

Single Player Maps: In this new feature, the players who want to experience single-player mode evaluate their game performances and modern techniques.

Clan Tourneys: In this feature, there is the possibility of inclusion 5v5 and 10v10 people contests that will boon with tremendous rewards. 

New Hero: There is no match of King or Queen characters, but this time there is a prediction that a hero possesses extraordinary powers like them. 

Level 8 Barbarians: In addition to the update of Town Hall, 10 COC players could have the strongest Barbarians from grades 7-8. 

Dark Troop upgrade: More advance Dark troop could be added to raise the level of the game. 

Town Hall 13: Latest Town Hall is 13; in this new Hall, after unlocks this level, you will have four Heroes where Royal Champion is the newest hero. This champion will upgrade with Dark Elixir for making the more exciting and catchy with his unique features. 

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