Clumsy Ninja mod apk(Unlimited Money)

A game that will make you laugh hysterically and chase away boredom is Clumsy Ninja mod apk (Unlimited Money). A little ninja disciple is at your disposal who needs training. The clumsy ninja became a real strong ninja as he learned how to understand and enhance his skills. Get coins to buy stuff to interact with, and work with them in different mini-games. Controls that are user-friendly and have beautiful graphics will appeal to any player.

The character’s only hope is to find Kira, his missing friend. It is exciting to experience adventures with many choices. If you can think of anything you can accomplish with a Ninja, lift it, assign a location, make it fall, etc. The official transition from Master to End training has begun within the game.

Additional Information

GameClumsy Ninja Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
DeveloperNaturalMotionGames Ltd
Downloads10 M+
Size158.4 MBs
Last update5 days ago

About Clumsy Ninja (MOD, Unlimited Money)

APK version of  Clunky Ninja (Unlimited Coins, Free Shopping) + OBB for Android is available for download. An entertaining and highly realistic interactive game, this game is completely free. Our main character, a kind of awkward ninja, is at the center of this game.

By practicing a special ninja secret, you can make him less clumsy. As the ninja boy becomes more agile, players guide him with their touch while performing Ninjaku moves. He can be lifted, shaken hands with, teased, or even tied to balloons.

Ninja friends don’t suddenly become devoted to training. My friend Kira, a vivacious ninja, is the inspiration for Clumsy Ninja apk mod unlimited everything. It’s no secret that Kira has been kidnapped, and the Clumsy Ninja apk mod latest version has yet to mature enough to protect her. In addition, his ninja techniques are neither developed nor polished.

Think of the very clumsy kid from Doraemon, Nobita, and the cat in MyTalking Tom. Explore this virtual friend’s many hidden secrets by downloading this game today.


Your actions will be monitored by an army of enemies who you must defeat as a clumsy ninja. Kira, his longtime friend, and companion is most concerned with saving him from the evil demonic. As a clumsy and incompetent ninja, we must train our own. The balloons can be tied onto him or we can teach him how to strike them. The activities we will engage in will impart skills to our ninjas. A ninja warrior of power and skill who can defeat the demons to save Kira on earth is his ultimate objective.

Features of Clumsy Ninja (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Ninja training:

A cute ninja boy is yours in Clumsy Ninja apk mod 2021. In order to become an elite ninja, you are responsible for the boy’s care and training. Where? Be at ease. To become a ninja, the player must complete a list of tasks. As for calling the game a ninja training game or a ninja torturing game, I don’t know. You can torture the ninja guy in many ways in this game. I still have not learned all the tricks for this player after two weeks of playing.

My Talking Tom, however, has superior physics. A ninja boy can be tickled, slapped, and tossed. Your experience points will be added to your level after completing each training lesson. You will receive a “high five” from the ninja when you complete the training. It’s clear that he’s happy when he high-fives you.

Easily controlled:

This game is easy to control. Ninjas can be interacted with by tapping or dragging and dropping. Make Clumsy Ninja’s adventures fun. Let your friends know how much fun you have interacting with ninjas on social media. Additionally, you are able to receive gold and coins in your mailbox by logging into Twitter or Facebook.

Mission-based gameplay:

A trampoline, sandbags, effigies, balls, watermelons, or chickens are some of the items that can be used to interact with the ninja boys. He can even practice jumping and tumbling on a spring cushion. As you begin the game, the introduction reminds you of hearing about Kira’s disappearance, although you’ve never actually been searching for her.

This is a game about completing training courses that become increasingly challenging as you move through the game. Occasionally, there can be no-fee courses; there are other courses that cost gold.

Create your own ninja:

To decorate the ninja guy, you can choose from a wide variety of clothing, hats, and glasses. Clumsy Ninja is full of surprises.

Control Scheme based on Intuition:

Control your ninja in Clumsy Ninja without memorizing insanely complex codes or controls. Touch your ninja and you’re done! Ninjas can be interacted with by tapping, dragging, and dropping!

Unlike other games, this one has simple controls. There’s no doubt that you’ll have a great time here.

Training, leveling up, and unlocking:

In addition to performing challenges, you will earn experience as you train your Ninja. To make your ninja less clumsy, you can use these skills. Gain skills and powers by working hard and training as a ninja.

Throughout the game, you will become more adept at using your ninja but also face increasingly difficult challenges. These challenges are crucial for your ninjas in order to achieve certification.

Journey into the Epic:

This game offers you not just training but an epic story as well. Taking care of him opens up when Kira is found. Play this game to experience all kinds of exciting adventures out in the world, become friends with unique characters, and achieve gameplay that is truly addictive.

Illustrations with a realistic feel:

It is said that a large number of players like this game because of the cute ninja boy. I enjoy seeing Clumsy Ninja and his chubby head, big eyes, and crazily big mouth. The graphics and physical interactions in the game are spectacular, along with the high-quality 3D graphics. When a ninja falls, it happens in the same natural way as a fall in real life. The world of Clumsy Ninja is full of stunning locations where you can discover their beauty. You must have an internet connection in order to play the game.

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Feature of Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk

  • Everything Unlimited
  • Coins Unlimited
  • Unlimited Money
  • All levels unlocked
  • No Ads
  • Unlocked All Premium Feature

Unlimited Money:

As Kira’s kidnapper, your character needs to be trained in this game. Whether it be your clothing, shoes, hair, or special abilities, they all need to be awesome. Furthermore, in order to gain power, you must consume food.

There is a game store for all of these items. You must collect the coins to fulfill this need. You need more money or coins than what was provided. Because of that, you have unlimited money in Clumsy Ninja.

These coins are eternal, meaning anything can be purchased using them.

No root required:

It is not necessary to use root files in order to play Clumsy Ninja.

Due to its full functionality, no rooting is required. It is so simple to install that you won’t have to worry about it. It’s sure to be a great experience for you.

How to Download & Install Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk

  • Clumsy Ninja can be downloaded by clicking on the button below.
  • You will be able to begin the downloading process immediately after clicking OK.
  • A page will appear to allow you to install after the downloading has been completed.
  • Follow the installation instructions by pressing Install.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this game available for download?

 The download buttons below will take you to Clumsy Ninja Apk

How should this game be played?

This game is best played with version 1.32.

What’s the real name of that clumsy ninja?

Because of an unintentional leak, it is possible that Clumsy Ninja has a real name that is Brad. There are 69 pieces of training equipment that are included, which makes it the most comprehensive set.

In Clumsy Ninja, what became of Kira?

A clumsy ninja in the game is best friends with Kira. The Hori Bull kidnapped her and took her to the equator while she meditated. In order to find her one day, the Sensei trains Clumsy.

 When will Clumsy Ninja be back online?

An updated version of the original website appeared on 25th May. The online version of this game is now unavailable. Therefore, it can be played by single offline players.


In Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk, players increase the difficulty by training for increasing problems. Aside from that, you can access some free training courses by purchasing gold and coins to unlock them.

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