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Dragon City format requires you to collect dragons then raise them and make a city that belongs to those dragons on floating islands. Dragons will produce gold that player can use for buy and update the environment and buildings.

In this game, you have to make your dragons active, strengthen, and powerful like a beast. For turning them into a monster, players have to breed them good food. However, the farms out there will make a deal of gold for providing food to dragons.

Further, after the level four breeding will be allowed. With this breeding process, two dragons can produce a fantastic legendary hybrid dragon. 

Moreover, the three different types of battles known as Arenas, Quests, and Leagues held, fight of one Dragon against the other. In this way, one Dragon out of three will fight against one of three competitor’s Dragon. 

In the battle, dragons have absolute rights to damage the other one entirely and make them weak. The damage depends on the elements of dragons; more the rarity means more the destruction.

On the fourth stage, Leagues offers players to use any one of two combinations of dragons. Similarly, in the Quests and Arenas, there are some additional prerequisites as rarity or elements.

Furthermore, when the player reaches on stage 27, they come to know about the Ancient World. In this world, the gold replaces with the crystals like sapphire, onyx, diamond, ruby, topaz, and emerald from the mines. These crystals will help you to control ancient dragons.

Apart from all this, there is a crafting station that plays a vital role in the crafting of crystals which will be equal to the current crystal (raw crystals) and previous crystals (using platinum). Likewise, present dragons that produce gold the ancient monsters capable of producing platinum.

In the update of November 2020, it has proclaimed that there are 1,415 dragons made up of essential elements such as Electric, Ice, War, Pure, Wind, Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Metal, Dark, Primal, and Legend. On the other hand, the ancient dragon elements are composed of Happy, Dream, Chaos, Beauty, Magic, and Soul. Besides this, there are 18 ancient dragons while 9 are the guardian dragons’ help in making the whole game in the exciting and robust. 

Features of Dragon City:

  1. Accomplish the Book of Dragons; the game offers you to breed and raise more than a thousand fantastic legendary dragons for making your own Dragon City. 
  2. The game allows you to design your Dragon with unique dragon skins for different occasions.
  3. You can call the dragons from the ancient world (magical world) and order them to use their skills for your game and entertainment. 
  4. Every week a new dragon joins the game through unique islands and breeding events. 
  5. You can unlock the advanced features such as building a Guardian Dragon Towers and the access to the Ancient World. 
  6. Obtain Orbs and encourage your dragons to show their strength on the battlefield.
  7. The Dragon city as known as colonial city empowers you to make alliances, chat with them, open alliance chests, share in alliance gift events, and trade words in the trading hub to defeat other Dragon’s master.
  8. The game becomes more adventurous when the Dragon’s master join the battlefields like Quests and Arena. Explore through the Quests and defeat the other masters of Dragon in the game’s PVP Arena to collect the best beast, claim a medal, and reaches to the leader board.
  9. Take your Dragon City everywhere, sign in with Windows for saving and playing the game on your all devices.


What is the Breeding Calculator? And how it helps you in-game? 

Breeding Calculator is an application that helps you in finding breeding combination for different level in Dragon City. Anyhow, this useful app will assist you on the Basic, and Moderate level in the game.

Uses of Breeding Calculator: 

  • Explore the suitable combination required dragons. 
  • Save your time.
  • Make your decision easy and reliable.
  • The application supports very much to the beginning, and intermediate level players with adequate and needed dragon breeding combinations. 
  • You can download this application from here. 

However, you cannot use this application at a very initial stage for breeding but only on the breeding event time. 

What’s New?

  1. All bugs have fixed.
  2. Improvement in User-Interface.
  3. Now in-App Purchase. 

Issues in Using Calculator in Game:

  • Firstly, check if the JavaScript has enabled or not for the browser, you use during a visit on this site. 
  • Affirm the usability of JavaScript by checking the full site option as some of the Wikia’s mobile skin unable many JavaScript and HTML features. 
  • By scrolling page up to down, you will find the full site option. Go and click the link in the menu of Wikia.
  • Make sure your device remains always updated; otherwise, it disturbs your phone settings and processes.
  • If the app isn’t working well, then you should use any other browser.
  • Always keeps your phone and browser cache clear for enjoying the resistant free game. 

Guide & Tips for Playing Dragon City:

In the game, there are so many different events, mechanics, strategies, dragons, level, elements, food and currency, etc. When you start a game, you become frustrated due to unawareness of rules, and themes. I have decided to write a perfect Guide of Dragon City with Tips for the Beginners. 

Basics of Game

  • For learning the basics of the game, it is essential to go through from the following links.
  • After learning from these sites, you must have attained much knowledge about this strategic game. As it will clear so many questions roaming in your mind and make your journey comfortable. 
  • Compete as much as you can in events that will come into your favour. First, you will get the opportunity to create a range of dragons’ collection you want and fight with them. Secondly, being a winner in events, you will get rewards such as gems, food, unique items, trade essence, and joker Orbs, and so many things. 
  • You should focus on the breeding first because completing the collections in Dragon Book enhances the chances of having free gems and food from the beginning.
  • Beyond that breeding is the quick way of enlarging your city, so try to make awesome combos for the ruling. As the more dragons you collect, the more opportunities for producing gold, and more gold means more growth. Here are a few links for guiding the breeding process. 
  • The Element system is another critical aspect as the different elements allows you to grow up the Arena and compete with the stronger teams. Go on Element Advantage System and understand the benefits of using these elements and defeat the competitors. 

Arenas fighting will beings good rewards for you:

  • Give you habitat tokens, mostly Legendary Orbs. In addition to these Legendary Orbs provides you over time and the power to summon strong dragons.
  • Every new element tier you achieved will bestow you with a distinct Dragon possesses special powers. 
  • Further, you should know that which one is below the belt as you are not going to fight with all dragons. So, feed dragons carefully. 

Connect with an active alliance so, 

  • You can fight in alliance chests for having suitable rewards.
  • You can exchange dragons’ orbs with each other. 
  • TipGo search for the alliance with good activity/status or put the post in the sub along with your profile for the active alliance join. Nonetheless, this will help you in finding a suitable alliance for you. 
  • A time will come when all the aspects of the games will unlock. And your goal of summoning, empowering, and recalling any time you need will be accomplished. 
  • TipsMake sure that the Dragon you are going to summon shouldn’t be in your collection already.
  • Most importantly, the actual currency of the game is boosting time spend to do tasks such as hatch/empower/breed, necessary for the tree of life. You can consider this strategy while picking a dragon, select wisely.
  • You should be careful with the structures of your city. Don’t emerge building with each other always maintain space between the buildings so that you can adjust systems conveniently.  
  • Recommended to follow Dragon City continuously, it resets after every six-hours. 

The Abbreviations may you see in the sub: 

  • F2P means free-to-play: just put the time and take the given prize. 
  • G2W: To have absolute gems, you have to part with some treasures. For example, G2W-80 (around 80) in the puzzle event for Mythical. 
  • P2W means pay-to-win: Where you have to spend actual dollars for something. 

For Android Users: For massive gem amounts, complete the game download tasks. One can get more than a thousand gems now for nearly 12 hours tasks in other games. 

What are the traits that make One Dragon Superior over Other?

  • The elements, dragons that have more features, can use these elements as a critical hit. 
  • The main aspects of the Dragon are to decide what will land Critical hits opposing to it. Almost every aspect can be Crit’d with the other two parts but not the following:
  • Wind: It Crit by only itself. 
  • Legendary/Primal/Pure: These dragons play paper, scissor, and rock against each other. 

Ancient Elements: The old elements involves Chaos, Magic, Soul, Dream, Happy, and Beauty. Beyond that, these dragons unlock on level 27, but it’s not easy to deal with such monsters. Therefore, they are not in a large number of in-game. 

  • More the rarity in the Dragon, more the agreeable for the game. One of the anomalies is when you reach on the master’s level and begin to meet with multi-step designated monsters. That is the point where legendary dragons start stands out as Heroics. At least, in the first five months, you don’t need to worry about it.
  • Dragon Category is the other important factor in the determining of dragons. Practically, the more the category you have, the more, the better. Anyhow, category five and nine gets wonky with it. However, the list here can make your work more comfortable, but it avoids dragons of Category 11.
  • You should not only focus on the dragon skills them possess from the beginning but also in the upgrading skills of the Dragon. Moreover, there are training centers for upgrading the skills, and the great Dragon has almost more than 8,000 combined attacked power. 
  • Dragon with more kills will get high rank and more attacks if you want to collect the best dragons, so you have to fight with your Facebook friends to rank up the Dragon. Otherwise, you can compete in arena and quest events for giving your Dragon more privilege. 

Follow the following steps to see the dragon progress:

  • Unwrap the monster in the information screen of question. 
  • Choose the second tab, down.
  • Hit the icon “I” over the rank up button, in the bottom.

How to Deal with Different Events?

  1. Heroic Races:  
  • With the help of heroic races, you can have the best Dragon, but it will take your great time. Thus, if you spend a good time and apply strategy wisely, then the reward is yours. You have to enter lap 15 for not worrying and thinking about competitors’ game. Besides, try not to use many gems. 
  • The cost for lap 15 is nearly about 100 whereas 30 in case of veterans.
  • Heroic Empowerment Quest: Afterwards, each heroic race an empowerment quest held that offers your Legendary, Epic, and Heroic reward dragons more than one star.
  • To enroll for the quest you have to immediately place them then gem-hatch your Legendary, Epic and Heroic reward monsters. At least, you have one virtual placement space ready to go if you plan a day out or you have to spend more gems to place one thing. You can only recall one thing at one time. 
  • Hatches can be the cost of 35-40 gems. 
  • In case you have the Brood by a tower, and leave three slots open, you can save up to 3 to 6 gems. 
  • Each Dragon should go on level 15 to compete in the first stage with all level requirements and if you work according to their ways you can end up at the 30. However, this costs you 12.6m food, or you can start with 10m, or you can work according to your way over the three days event only if you enthusiastically expand quality food. 
  • Most masters prefer to level their heroic at least up to thirty as they can afford and then use it for competing in the quest and making far strong dragons. However, this is the most rapid way to bring it to C+.
  • TipThe gemming costs of the quest go down with the time so you can take advantage of sleep there. In case if you have 2h 31m for the 40-gem costs so you should wait to bed unless it will down to 10 to 20 gems. Apart from this, it will stop you from losing six-hour slow time with the phase available you slept through. Furthermore, 1-2h adds to your grace window if you manage it right then the things become easy for you. 2. Puzzle Events 
  • The puzzle event or candy crush event each provides you with opportunity for F2P (Free-2-play) Mythical Dragons with the other super stuff.
  • Mythic gem costs: For veterans, its G2W-180+ newbies it’s G2W -150+.
  • Anyway, you have to be played strategically and calmly, of course, it will take time and effort, but with the time you will, of course, get the moves.
  • Tips: Don’t focus on one place at one time in terms of matching strategy because you will very early run out for the fruit you are looking.
  •  Try 4x/5x matches which helps in producing bombs, stars, and stripers after that try to get the bombs/stripers side by side and then swipe them for the excellent outcomes. 
  • If you can’t do matches of 4x/5x then strive for many multi-matches. So that you can swipe that produces two-plus games at once. Then very soon it starts a numerous matching for you, thus in one move, you collect tons.  3. Maze Islands 
  • Maze Islands often offers you an excellent legendary F2P dragon and many more.
  • Airplane mode+ Azurebane’s Maze Guides helps you in choosing the dragons you can collect over the number of tokens you have.
  • Be careful while using airplane mode don’t wait till the last minute. Most of the roots have battle nodes to spend that take gems, coins or time to clear. You wish to use free resources here, so make it enough for you at least.  4. Grid Islands
  • Here, final Legendaries can’t get F2P players. 
  • The event offers you quite handsome rewards such as many gems, rescue keys, food and Legendary Orbs. Also, you can get rare epic dragon collections. 5. Tower Island
  • They are now fully fixed bugs though there was a time when they used to stink.
  • Now the final legendary always there for F2P. 
  • Rewards vary from maximum to minimum.  6. Fog Island 
  • Fog Island become the F2P event in the summer of 2020. Most of the time, awesome side swag and multiple legs all for free available. 
  • They give you unique rewards like 10m food and a chest with 250 gemsAirplane mode+ Azurebane’s Maze Guides can make it easy to find for you. 
  • You can use the maps available there for fog Island.  7. Progressive Island 
  • Progress Island is one of the new events in the Dragon City, which is still in under adjustments.
  • To pull it off you have to be top of the battle and League node timings though the legendary is rarely F2P here. 
  • Unfortunately, you have to log in repeatedly in it, but the event is not much time-consuming.  8. Runner ( Technically not an event)
  • A unique event that offers you two Legend dragons for the new one that gets more Free-2-Play and an old one but good. At the same time, the other rewards are also super here. 
  • Recommend to use airplane mode before every run. Your starting goal should be a hundred pinwheels in one run, but if you go for best, then 120 will be maximum.
  • For getting many of the advance jumps, you need to follow jump-then-swipe move. That means, jump and in the air swipe the direction where you want. 
  • Tip: Don’t sit on Runner tokens until the last moments. All the time every run takes 3m so that you have to spend a few hours to utilize them. 


  • Don’t begin a rescue run until you have keys.
  • When you finish one rarity in the first innings the other one open, you should instantly make your way to get legendary where it can gain bananas. 
  • Mythic will be a good option here as the legendary is sick so unlock Mythic Dragon be careful as it rotates. 

The keys required for every rarity are: 

  • Rare: 13 
  • Epic: 35
  • Legendary: 60
  • Very Rare: 20
  • Common: 10 

Conclusion: In the beginning, when you start out playing the game, you get confused as a beginner because of the unaware format. But after reading this complete Guide of Dragon City, you will be aware of game format and strategies. We also provide you with some efficient tips that will work for you in the game. 

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