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Promotion Software GmbH has developed an Android game called Emergency HQ MOD APK that simulates the work of a firefighting team. All the emergency unit personnel are an important part of this game, including nurses, doctors, and police officers, which you will control as you control the emergency unit services. A number of urgent questions require you to prepare your route, your supplies, the rescue team, and your plans for each mission.

 The features this game comes with will definitely appeal to you if you enjoy role-playing. Manage your emergency services personnel, such as police officers, paramedics, hospital doctors, and others, using Emergency HQ. Your goal is to make it to the top of your team’s ranks as quickly as possible, so always keep your eyes on the prize. Start the simulation by preparing the items you intend to bring, planning your route, and making plans for your squad.

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About Emergency HQ MOD APK

Simulate a tragic event, such as a burnt building, using Emergency HQ Mod. In this game, the goal of the player is to save everyone inside the building, but the building can also be saved as an additional point. Team members operate the game’s crews together with emergency personnel. Aside from performing rescue operations, repairing crimes, and coordinating disaster relief operations and disaster cleanup, as well as managing teams, employees, and companies, the developer explains that the game includes these features.

The first thing you need to do is coordinate the character actions in order to solve the central problem. It expands your responsibilities when dealing with life-threatening situations, such as fighting terrorists or dealing with crimes. It’s important to build fire departments, hospitals, and emergency services centers so you can respond to emergencies quickly. You can give your heart and soul to the imaginary people in this game by upgrading your unit, headquarters, vehicles, and staff at any time.

Game play:

This game is likely to become addictive because of its easy gameplay. In the aftermath of a fire, your firefighters will gather at the site of the fire, working within the confines of the structure or vehicle. Fires can break out near structures or when vehicles are consuming fuel. Any expert or clinical team member near these personnel is at risk for catching fire.

Thus, protect the fireman against them and head for the salvage area. Having fire rescuers respond to areas burning would help save lives. Medics assist, at the same time, in quickly dressing the accident victim. After each task is completed well, you will have the entire unit in the game.

After you have completed multiple levels of ongoing interplay, you will be able to add additional players to your group. In this case, you would always have a large crew with a specialist and a specialist. You’ll be able to accomplish your tasks more efficiently and quickly with the game, just like Rise of Kingdoms. Learn more about strategy.

Emergency HQ MOD APK Features

  • Easily playable

The simplicity of the game makes it addictive. Call the fire department if there is a fire. Keep the tire in your car or around the house. It can be dangerous for people who work in a hospital, technicians, and car mechanics to do their jobs when they experience fires. It is therefore essential that we watch out for them and assist them. Firefighters can use fire extinguishers to extinguish fires and rescue people in need of help. As you assist your loved one, medical professionals dress him or her temporarily.

The game begins once a team has successfully completed certain tasks. To gain more party members, improve each of your buildings after completing each level in the game. In this case, you are hiring more and more employees as you move from one doctor to another. You can work more efficiently and faster with this method.

  • Attractive And Incredible Rewards

As you progress through the Bronze and Platinum missions, you can earn different rewards and badges. Earn rewards and coins faster by completing missions faster. Open mysterious boxes with your colleagues and friends, and their contents can even earn you a lot of diamonds.

As with mysteries, diamonds appear on both lists. As well as sending teams around the world, you can earn money on side missions by helping with situations in different regions. We can use the money we earn for upgrading all our buildings and offices, purchasing and building new buildings for different professions, and expanding training facilities (teams of professionals). An experienced and agile team can be trained in as little as five seconds or up to forty seconds. The time is 15 minutes to over 100 hours in the case of buildings.

  • Feature Update

Discover the game’s diverse features and intriguing aspects. Explosions, rescued animals, and bombs are some of the events in this game. The events in the game serve as rallying points. Having a simple plot, this game is suitable for people aged 7 upwards. In addition to the game mechanic, the game also presents a time management feature which is also viewed favorably by many players.

Graphics, buildings, and explosions are all quite detailed in this game. As well as zooming out and in, players can also adjust the contrast. Players can keep track of their tasks by saving them so they can see a list of how many. Seeing what needs to be done is also an advantage. Restarting the job from scratch is necessary if it fails.

  • Unlimited Money
  • MOD Unlocked

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How to Install EMERGENCY HQ:

  • Follow these steps to download EMERGENCY HQ:
  • To download, click here:
  • Click on My Files or Files under My Device to open Downloads.
  • To install an APK, tap the file (.com, .sgs, .emhq, .android).
  • Whenever you are asked to do so, tap Install to open the APK report.

Settings – Update:

  • Click on the Settings option on your phone.
  • To access security or applications, tap Security or Applications.
  • Unknown sources should be checked.
  • Ensure that you have OKed everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Emergency HQ’s money and currency Unlimited?

 In the game, there is only one way to get unlimited amounts of Money and Currency. Modifications are available for this game. You have the option of unlocked all features and unlimited money and currency for free with this mod version.

Can I download Emergency HQ Mod Apk for free and safely?

 You can play the modded version of the game without worrying about compromising your security. VirusTotal and other virus scanning websites have already been tested by our team. Any doubts can also be cleared up by checking them. In addition, everyone continues to benefit from it for free. This software can be downloaded for free from our site without costing you a cent

Final Words:

It’s not a good idea to play the emergency mod on a weak or unsuitable device since it is a big season in general. This game has been downloaded more than 10 million times, receiving an average rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 from more than 100,000 people. Alternatively, the video trailer of its display and the EMHQ cheats can give you a lot of information regarding this game.

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