Episode Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems and Passes)

Episodes is an interactive story game that lets you LIVE your stories with love, romance, adventure, and drama. The app is a storytelling game, and Pocket Gems develop the network. Plus, the app features stories that are compatible with smartphones and tablets. More than 100,000 stories are available for you that will make progress to your choices. Further, the stories are either written by the writing team of the Episode or by users. However, we come with an episode mod apk to find unlimited gems and passes for free.

Tale Genres:

Story genres include romance, mystery, heartache, drama, or fun. Users can customize the avatar and choose the ending or fates of the story.

How does the Episodes game work?

Following are some prominent features that make the game unique and explain its working:

  • You can customize your avatar as per your needs and story requirements.
  • Also, you can decide the outfits of your avatar.
  • Your choices will determine the fate of your character.
  • Moreover, develop the desired relationship with your favorite characters.
  • The game offers endless options.
  • You will end the game with your preferences.

The game is all about reading others’ stories of building your own lame stories. Interestingly, you can create and publish your account for millions of users to read about you.

About Episode APK

Episodes APK file is a way of installing the game to your mobile phone or tablet. Also, the file can be downloaded from the google play store on your phone. When you can’t find the app from google play, you can download and install it from here. But I have an alternate option with more benefits that are Episodes Mod APK.

What is Episode Mod APK

Mod apps are the Modified versions of original apps that offer all the original features with many unlocked additional features. In the same way, Episodes Mod APK is also a Modified app with all original features plus many extra features like unlimited passes, unlimited gems, etc. These features are described in detail in the following article.

Features of Episode Mod APK

As discussed above, all the original features remain constant, plus the following components are added up to Mod:

  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited passes In-game purchases unlocked
  • Free access to new Episodes/ tales
  • Free to download
  • No-root needed
  • Auto-update

Unlimited Gems

The game contains its premium resources called gems to customize the avatar fully. These are premium features that will purchase in original versions. But if you want episode unlimited gems and passes for free, then download the Mod Episode.

Mod version is fully compatible with both android and IOS devices. Without losing anything, you can entertain the game for free by using the Mod.

Unlimited Passes

Passes are the currency used in the game to read stories. In the original version of the app, you will get three passes every 4 hours. But, these three passes are indeed unable to fulfill your requirements of reading stories. But you don’t need to worry because its solution is also the same as that is Mod APK.

In the Mod version of the Episodes game, you will get unlimited passes to read and create your stories at any time.

In-Game Purchases Unlocked

All the purchases in-game have been unlocked in the Mod. You will not need to spend a single penny to open or access any of the game features. There is no term “purchase” in the Mod version of the game.

Free Access to New Tales

As discussed before, the game APK consists of more than 100,000 stories. Besides these enough stories, many new accounts added up daily. 

You don’t need to pay to access the newly uploaded tales. If you can reach the stories, you will access the adventures.

Free to Download

Furthermore, the most exciting thing is that you can get the app for free to access the paid features free. Like having the features for free, you will get the game app for free too.

No Root required

Most of the Modified apps require a rooted phone for their usage. But, Episodes Mod APK is also compatible with a non-rooted phone. You can get the app in your smartphone that is ever in your pocket.


Another brilliant feature of the Mod Episodes is an auto-update feature. So, you do not need to update your app to access recent stories. But the app will update automatically.

Safe and Secure

The Mod version of the story app is also safe and secure. All of your privacy remains only up to you. You will get an ad-free, safe and secure version as it does not contain any malware. All the features of the performance are viruses and scams-free. The application is SSL encrypted, which is surety of the security of the app.

Some Popular Stories of the Game

 Positively Princess

A story that turns out that you are a princess! Royal princes of all around the world want to marry you! This character will make you a secret princess.

The Teacher(@miarose.Episode)

Another character, the classic-styled version has won the hearts of many. Nevertheless, the visuals are so unique that they have become one of the most significant features of the game.

 Dripping mascara(@drippingmascara)

Dripping mascara is one of the most famous stories of Episodes. The reads of the story are more than 4 million. Every new chapter becomes the story of Instagram. The writing is lyrical that strikes a chord in the hearts of fans and readers.

Creating your Own Story

Before starting your story, you have to create your character. Customize your character to provide the best look and outfit to your character. Customization can be made, starting from hairstyles to makeup. Present your character as a realistic character. Meet other characters and create the relationship you want.

Make Responsible decisions

Although all stories are in your hands, try to make responsible decisions because your decisions are like soul to the level. Every decision you make will directly affect the ending of the story. To make a memorable ending, you may replay the plot of your account.

Create creative Stories

Try to create stories with great content. Invent their destiny whenever you invent a new character. If you want your account into recommendations, your story should be exciting and exciting.

Graphics and Sounds

For expressing the appropriate mood of your character, many sounds have also been added. These sounds express the emotions of a character. You may turn it off if you don’t like it.

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Episode Mod APK Download Guide

The download process is super easy and straightforward. Just follow the steps mentioned below to download the Mod version of Episodes:

1. At the first step, click on the download button at the bottom of the page to download episode mod apk.

2. The downloading process will start automatically. Let the downloading process be complete.

3. Afterwards, check the destination folder for the download path and install the file by hitting tap on the file

4. If the installation fails, then go to your phone’s system settings and allow the installation from “unknown resources”.

5. Then install the app again by clicking on the downloaded file.

6. The App will install and be ready to use, soon.

Frequently Asked Questioins

Do Episode games need internet?

Not at all, download the Mod APK from the internet, and you can use the app and play the game without the internet.

How to get the Episodes game passes and gems for free?

Just download the Modified App from the web page to get the unlimited passes and gems for free.

Is the Episodes game free or paid?

The Modified version given above is altogether free, and there is no need to buy the game. Just download and enjoy it.


One of the best and interactive storytelling games because of its features and flexibility. Moreover, the game has access to you. If you are interested in accessing the free app for creating or reading tales, you can download the Episode Mod apk from here. Nonetheless, the download process is easy and straightforward. Some tips have also been shared if you want to create your story.

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