Five Things You Need to Know About Twitter

Five Things You Need to Know About Twitter

Do you know that Twitter is one of the most effective platforms to raise voice together on any particular incident in this era? Also, you can become a platform where you can ask for your rights or anyone else’s rights. 

If you have internet and mobile, then you must have Twitter in it; the theme “it’s what happening” elaborates the concept behind this social media service. This means you are in constant awareness of what’s happening in the world, across borders. 

As you know, the media nowadays choose selective news to telecast due to political pressure. Instead of this, you can’t stop anyone from spreading the truth on Twitter to let people know what’s happening. 

In today’s date, there are approximately 192 million people who are using Twitter. In this 192 million, the ratio of male is 66%, whereas female 34%. Still, there is a gap we need to fill in these 192 million numbers. Here we are going to educate people or newbie twitter users about five things that you need to know about Twitter. 

How to Change Twitter Handle

Firstly, let me clear the Twitter handle, also refer as username, which you give to Twitter while signing up. Your username will start from the “@” sign and a unique name. Moreover, the username also presents in the URL of your Twitter profile. People can search out and tag you by write @+name. The username will be shown near the display profile. 

  • Now come to the main point of how to change users’ names; follow the steps below.
  • Open your account go to the profile.
  • On the profile, you find °°° on the top-right place.
  • Click on this°°° and choose setting and privacy there.
  • Then, tap on your account. 
  • Choose the Account Information option.
  • It would help if you verified yourself via confirming the account by writing a password there. 
  • Now you will find the option to update username under account information. Go and edit the username the way you want. If the username is already booked, choose another. 
  • At last, confirm the settings by clicking on the save button.
  • Here, the process will end. 

How to Use Hashtag 

Hashtags are the keys of Twitter; then, you want to develop a trend or participate in a movement there, you use hashtags. You can click on the search button to check the treading and hottest happening in the world. Go and select any hashtag to engage in the trend and with the people. Also, with this engagement, you can gain your organic followers. 

Another impactful use of this Twitter Hashtag feature is that you can make your trend. With the help of your followers, and friends you can do multiple tweets while using the same hashtag. A time will come when your trend will go into search as well. Then, people will award by this trending, they will like or retweet it, or moreover, they can also participate in this trending. 

How to DM on Twitter 

Twitter allows you to build your relationships and business as well by DM’ing your followers or other users. Here, we guide people on how they can DM on Twitter.

How to Send a DM by Using Phone 

You can conveniently send the direct message with the help of your phones; follow the steps below.

  • Open the profile of a user.
  • There is a messaging option on their profile.
  • Thus, click on this messaging icon.
  • Now the message box will appear.
  • Write a message on the message box and done okay.


  • You can also send a tweet by clicking on the option send via direct message. 
  • Choose this option, and then the person with whom you want to share the tweet.


  • Also, you can write a message first from your account.
  • Then, search the contact you want to message.
  • Choose the person.
  • Your message will be sent.

How to Direct Message by Using Desktop 

  • Open the control pane and click on the “Messages.”
  • Afterward, you will find the message icon on the top right side of the screen.
  • Click on the icon.
  • Write the message.
  • Find the contact to who you want to dm.

You can send the tweets as a DM by using send via direct message option to add value. In this way, you can share helpful information or attractive thoughts with a person, an excellent way to start a conversation. 

10 Ways to Gain Followers on Twitter (Organically)

On Twitter, you can get many followers without doing any spam or violation. Here, we will give you some tips by which you can earn organic followers on your Twitter account. 

  1. Don’t stop tweets; continue to add tweets on your account with punctuality.
  2. Try to tweet visual content; such content has more reach than a causal written tweet.
  3. Add some exciting and catching phrases in your tweet.
  4. Make your time friendly when you tweet or interact with your audience.
  5. Use Hashtags, wildly trending hashtags. Talk about the subject of hashtag give your opinions.
  6. Continue to interact with Twitter Audience. Share their tweet, retweet, like, and comment so you may have good organic and active audience. 
  7. Utilize tags; tag people or audience you have. 
  8. Create an attractive profile.
  9. Add you know in your networks.
  10. Notice the time when your tweet gets more engagement. Make a practice to b active and posting at that specific time.

These are ten tips for gaining active followers on Twitter; the practice of them all soon you’ll notice results. If you choose to spam on Twitter and purchase followers, then there will no benefit in it. Your purchased audience will not be as active as an organic audience. 

How to Deactivate Your Twitter Account 

Sometimes due to different reasons, you have to delete your Twitter account. However, deleting a Twitter account isn’t possible e, but you can deactivate it. By deactivating your account, you still have the opportunity to go back to the Twitter world whenever you think the right time to do. 

  • Follow the following steps to deactivate Twitter Account
  • On the home, feed open the “=” option on the top left side.
  • A sidebar will be opened while giving you some options.
  • Note w if you look down, you will find an option of “setting and privacy.”
  • Tap on this option to proceed further.
  • Now choose “account” to deactivate your account.
  • When you open the account, you will see multiple options.
  • In the end, you find the “Deactivate Account” option; click on it.
  • Read the details of account deactivation.
  • Click on Deactivation.
  • At last, enter the password of the account.
  • Here, the account deactivates until you want. 


The article covers Five Things You Need to Know About Twitter, basic guidelines to new people or have just basic knowledge. Nevertheless, the post will help you get followers, change your username, make a trend, or deactivate your account. We hope this article helps you in connecting with the needed information.

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