Freetone Premium Apk 3.28.3

As an Android conversation app, Freetone Premium Apk 3.28.3 lets you select a free U.S. or Canadian mobile phone number, make and receive calls, and send messages. Using in-store credits and free calls from US and Canadian numbers, you can make low-cost international calls to any number for a low rate. An additional fee will apply to any other number. For free, you can send real SMS or MMS messages via more than 40 different country’s phone numbers. The app also allows FreeTone users to communicate free with other FreeTone users whenever and wherever they are. For some subscription accounts, you will be provided with a toll-free number that will facilitate the process of verifying your account.

Additional Information

GameFreetone Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
DeveloperTextMe, Inc.
Downloads10M +
Size46 MBs
Last update4 days ago

About Freetone Premium Apk 3.28.3

VoIP app FreeTone latest version 2021 mod apk lets users place calls over cellular networks and free WiFi networks.

There are many reasons why you might need more than one phone line, even if your phone plan offers unlimited texts and thousands of minutes. Having a second line would also let you avoid getting flooded with unwanted marketing texts and phone calls. This would complement the separate phone line you have for work. With FreeTone apk mod android download you can have unlimited calls and texts in the US and Canada on a second line, along with a second line.

If you plan on upgrading your account, your credit card will not be required. There is no need to enter credit card information to use this Android app. A new number will be assigned to you once you have entered your basic contact information. Besides the voicemail box, you will also be given a very small voicemail box. As part of the free service, you get 500 inbound and outbound minutes. Texting images and video files is prohibited in that plan, but unlimited texts are included.

You can change your area code with this app, which is one of its best features. As part of the account setup process, the correct area code is assigned or the user can choose their own. A local phone number can be customized to suit the needs of business owners who wish to reach out to customers and clients. In addition, if you need to work with multiple numbers, you can create multiple accounts. If you want to use two or more numbers, you might need to sign in and out of accounts on multiple devices.

In addition to your device and the strength of your wireless signal, a few other factors will affect the sound quality of your calls. Having a weak signal will result in echoes or delays when using an old smartphone. With a solid wireless connection, you should be able to make calls quite clearly on most smartphones and tablets.

This software should be completely adequate for the average user with its free version. For this reason, if you want to use the app for professional purposes in addition to your personal account, you’d consider upgrading to a paid account. Alternatively, you could upgrade to a monthly plan or pay by the minute.

Features of Freetone Premium Apk 3.28.3:

  • The premium version of this app lets you make and receive calls
  • You can get credit for phone calls when you purchase minute packs or complete our partnered offers!
  • Call other Text Now users for free and without limits.
  • Sending, receiving, and saving images is possible.
  • A message will be left for you when you call forward
  • Animated gifs
  • If you would like to put your signature on each text, feel free to do so.
  • Besides text messages, ringtones, and vibrations can also be customized.
  • Customizing the background is possible
  • Each contact can have its own ringtone and background.
  • With Quick-Reply, you can respond to friends on the fly.
  • Make quick calls, compose new messages, and launch Text Now with the Text Now widget on your home screen.
  • If you want to text someone, just enter their mobile number into the Text Now app and you’re good to go!
  • With real SMS texting, you can send and receive text messages from smartphones and tablets that accept SMS messages.
  • With Text Now, the messaging on your mobile phone and computer can be synchronized seamlessly.

Calls to Dedicated Numbers:

You should let your friends know how to reach you by providing them with your phone number. So that your friends and family can reach you anytime they want, you will have your own contact, which you can share with them.

SMS text messaging is unlimited:

For free, the US and Canadian users can send as many texts as they like. You will pay a lot of money if you choose other apps such as original messaging. Messages can be sent on Freetone mod apk without any limits.

USA & Canada unlimited calls:

Any United States or Canadian number is free to call. The number of free minutes that you can use when calling your friends in Canada and the USA will not be deducted from your cell phone balance.

Calling abroad at low rates:

By completing offers, you can earn no-cost money to use for making international calls on freetone premium. There is no need to worry about losing money when you make international calls.

Monthly or yearly fees:

This freetone apk hack can be used without being tied to a monthly or annual fee. No charge for a new number.

  • A real telephone number with a voicemail will be given to you.
  • For US and Canadian calls, no credit card is needed.
  • Text and MMS messages are sent and received for no charge.

Only True Free Calling App:

With FreeTone, you’ll enjoy the best free call and text experience available. Credits for calling don’t need to be earned or spent. It is completely free to make calls toll-free from any location in the United States or Canada.

Ads not allowed:

You will not see ads after one week when you get a premium apk. Freetone is cracked, so you cannot spend any money, but you can still use the same function. With Just Talk, you can continue conversing with your beloved person without interruption by advertisements.

Subscriptions to premium services:

All free apps are accessible in this Freetone apk. With this app, it will feel like you’re subscribed to a premium service. Therefore, this version is free to use and includes all premium features as well.

Credit is unlimited:

Another good thing about this app is now users can use unlimited credit. This saves you time and prevents you from thinking before a call. Don’t forget to spend time with your family members and friends.

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  • You can only call all of these countries for free with FreeTone Premium Apk.
  • The free bundle does not support Hawaiian and Alaskan territories
  • Free texting between countries in Latin America and inbound traffic is subject to a fair usage policy.
  • Within the first 500 minutes, FreeTone numbers can receive free incoming calls. A small extension fee is charged for additional minutes.
  • Free texting and phone calls are available only to residents of the US and Canada.
  • We do not support 911.
  • FreeTone is subject to its own terms and conditions

Share your experiences:

MMS, large pictures, and videos can be sent and received on any Android device. Your friends can video and photo share for free using FreeTone. Share videos and photos with them easily. Send them voice messages. Photos, texts, and videos can be easily shared via group messaging.

Refuse to pay and connect for free:

In both the U.S. and Canada, you won’t earn credit or charges when using the same app as someone else. Make sure you read the small print. The phone numbers you call in the United States or Canada won’t be charged. Free calling and texting!

You Can Do Various Things With Freetone Premium Apk

  • You must choose an area code when you sign up.
  • Make free North American and European phone calls
  • Your cell phone minutes will be saved with the new number and voicemail
  • Free text and MMS messages.
  • Communicate with everyone through photos, stickers, and group text messages
  • Streamline Text Messaging in 40 more countries including Mexico, Dominica, and Brazil
  • Use your tablet as a real phone by making free Wi-Fi calls
  • You can also text or call international numbers.
  • It is possible to have HD video conversations with friends on your own site!
  • APK version of True Caller Premium is also available for download

Freetone Premium Apk installation and download on automated devices:

  • This version is easy to install because the mod apk file is very straightforward.
  • Click the button on the website if you haven’t already done so.
  • The file will be downloaded once it has been downloaded.
  • Once the game is downloaded, install it.
  • Using your Automated device, follow the instructions once you have them.
  • Get started and have fun with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

APK downloads are safe, right?

Apks aren’t all dangerous. I’m sure you’ll be able to download it.

What is the cost of FreeTone?

You can make free phone calls to any real US or Canadian number using the FreeTone mod apk unlimited credit app. The service is free of charge and no trial period is necessary. The app is completely free if they use it on the same device.

Which FreeTone number should I get?

Visit the Google Playstore to find the FreeTone Android app. A Google, Facebook, or email account is required for registration. Your free phone number will be emailed to you after you create an account.

Which iOS devices can be downloaded with FreeTone?

Download FreeTone for free from the Apple Appstore. It is available for iOS devices.

Final Words:

APK file version 3.26.3 is available to download from this site. It’s super easy to download. For Android devices, the Google Play Store features the FreeTone premium mod apk freemium pack.

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