Humans make memories, and nothing is really more loss to them as long as they can’t remember it anymore. To celebrate that part of enjoyment again and again in life, they capture that moment in cameras. Modern technologies like cameras retain the great moments of life and relive them forever through photos or videos. However, sometimes we need to colorize or improve footage and images that a camera has captured. To modify these captured imaginations and turn them into a realistic memory, we need a special app like Inshot Pro Mod apk to edit and make them meaningful and enjoyable.

Sometimes, you may also need this software to edit your daily activity recordings; moreover, in this era of social media, every individual of the new generation wants to upload amazing videos and images on social media. To create impressive and attractive videos and photos, Inshot Pro is phenomenal. 

While seeing the Professional, eye-catching edited videos or images, most people think they are being edited in high-end software or PCs. But Inshot is an app that is no more for quality smartphones or PCs. Even you can use and avail of its charming features in your smartphone. You can find out more of its amazing features if you remain attached to the article.

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What is InShot Mod Apk?

Released by Inshot. Inc, Inshot is a powerful video and photo editing app that gives awesome editing features. Explicitly, Inshot Pro Mod is a fully unlocked premium version of Inshot that provides features like NO Watermark in photos or videos, ad-free, unlimited stickers and filters, and many more. Thus, you may create and post amazing videos and photos on social media sites directly.   

Nonetheless, Inshot Pro Apk is the paid subscription of the Inshot app that gives access to many unlocked features, filters, frames. The free version application shows many ads, and a watermark appears in the corner of the screen. 

Mod Inshot apk is the modification of the premium version for free. You can have all the premium features like glitch effects, trim, split, slideshow. Here, you will have all the premium features for absolutely free in this version. Mod apk is the modified version of the original version of Inshot that gives all the original features plus premium features without spending any cost. 


  • No rooted device required
  • No need for a powerful device to perform tasks
  • Normal android with minimum 4.2 android version
  • Anyway, decent hardware has recommended

Awesome Features InShot Pro Apk

Here you will find the details of all the exciting features that are offered by the app:

Cut and Trim Videos

You can use the powerful editing app Inshot in your videos to cut captured videos into smaller videos. For trimming off unnecessary parts, you can use Inshot apk because here is the feature of trimming a single video into several parts. In fact, these features are not just added, but they are made easy to use.

Merge and Join Videos

On the other hand, if you want to merge and join the trimmed videos or other videos from your libraryyou can merge them to make a single clip. With the addition of merging, there is no distort effect on the quality of the video. You can join another video or part of the video from your library to your task video.

Change and Adjust Sounds in Videos

A huge library of sounds and featured music will available at the time whenever you want to edit your clip and make it a featured clip. Plus, you can record and use your own voices to the clip while editing. Besides, you can also use sounds, audios from external resources to your edits. Also, you will be able to use your sound effects to create your own signature audio outputs, customize and create unique sounds in videos. 

Add a Variety of Filters and Effects on Videos

As far as video filters and effects, you will have various filters and effects for your edits. Using your smartphone, you can use effects such as glitch, stop motion, glance and many more to make professional videos. 

In the same way, you will be allowed to customize your videos’ brightness, contrast, saturation, and colours. If you can customize videos with the help of these easy and simple features, you will be able to edit your videos professionally. 

Add Text and Multiple Stickers

To create your simple video to a relatively more eye-catching and engaging, you can add text and multiple stickers to your videos. You can change the text fonts, sizes, shadows, highlights, styles of your text. Similarly, you can make use of various stickers and emoji to give expressions on photos and videos. These are the features for members, who can customize the text on images and videos and add special emoji to express the images or videos in the way they want.

Adjust Video Speed

Furthermore, you can change your entire videos’ speed and apply these effects on the part of the video. You can use these features to make perfect time-lapse or slow-motion videos. The app offers speed controls for each part of your videos. You can give your videos different visual effects by changing the frame of your videos with the help of speed optimization features of the Inshot Pro Mod apk.

Convert Videos Quickly and Create Slideshows

There are quick features, and their use can change your videos to look like exactly what has been presented in a very short interval of time. These quick features are called presets, and by using the preset features, you can easily edit and export your videos in a short time. 

Contrarily, you can also make slideshows of your photos to make them video clips with the slideshow creator feature. You can also change image transition styles, transition time, add music or sound on a slideshow.

Crop Videos

Like all other android users and video editors, you may also change or specialize in your project’s aspect ratio. You can also use crop feature options to make your videos look like what you want to present. This is also a helpful feature to share your project on various online channels. The videos may have technical issues if you do not set the specified ratio of that channel or platform.

Rotate and Flip Videos

Keeping your interest in regard, you have been provided features of rotating and flipping your videos from different angles. This creates amazing visual effects on your videos. You may flip your videos up and down, left and right. Similarly, rotation of your videos with any angle can be possible with Mod Inshot Pro. 

Share or Export Your Videos

After you have edited and customized your videos, you can export the video. You can also share your videos directly on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or other online channels. Moreover, customize the resolution and quality of your Project according to your desire and needs. You can export videos in 4K resolution in addition to full HD or HD.

Photo Editing Feature

In contrast to many video editing apps, the app allows you to edit photos and videos. You can use all the features discussed above for photos too. You may try out unique filters and effects on your photos. In addition to this, you may add frames, and it is quite easy to edit a photo that would make love to anyone with the photo. 

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Other Unlocked Features with InShot Mod Apk

Remove ads

Unlike the free version of Inshot, you will not see ads in premium subscribed apps. But if you don’t want to spend money on a premium subscription, the Mod app may help you achieve all the free features. 

You may get rid of annoying ads and have perfect edits if you Download Inshot Pro Mod Apk from the download link above.

Delete Watermark

Nobody likes the watermark if he uses any editing software in the corner. After all the efforts, it feels like all the credits are going to the app, and you performed a job to promote them. Here, you can get rid of watermarks and save your creation and take all the credits back to you.


What’s New

 Reverse Feature Supported

A new and powerful Professional editing feature included in the reverse video feature. You can play all your video or a part of the video in reverse with just one click. 

New Effect Pack

In addition to many effects, a new added effect, Retro, is quite more popular in users. This effect tends speciality to the effects. 

New Transition [DISSOLVE]

Transitions are one of the features that lend popularity to this app. And a new added transition feature DISSOLVE is a newly added transition feature.

 New pattern background

Many new patterns for backgrounds has added. To get a special aspect ratio of videos, these backgrounds help a lot compensate for the required ratio’s empty spaces.

 Bugs Fixes and other Improvements

You will get a version without any bugs as this is a tested version, and all the bugs has fixed. 

 Custom GIF Stickers Supported

You can convert any custom video to make its GIF sticker. Customizing GIF , a new feature enabled.

Support Volume up to 200%

Maximum volume level enhanced from 100% to 200%. So can have a clear and sharp sound with a double level of volume as was previously supported.

Final verdicts

To edit videos on your mobile, to making inspiring, funny, or any videos, you may use the Inshot Pro Mod app. Android users can make uses of all the Pro and unique features for free. The app offers any control options in your videos. In contrast to its competitors FilmoraGo or KineMaster, you will enjoy many additional features in the Inshot Pro Mod app. 

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