A highly addictive and multifaceted action RPG-style game, Legacy of Discord APK MOD(UNLIMITED MONEY): Furious Wings provides a diverse range of gameplay options. Game fans of all ages, especially those who play role-playing games, will find this project very useful. Role-playing is well designed, and spectacular battles are part of it. There is also a narrative campaign with a lot of enemies that you will have to defeat. Explore the variety of game modes and enjoy colorful, realistic graphics. Experience the positive emotions that come from interacting and competing with real opponents. In addition, Dead Cells and Hero of Taslinia have been prepared for genre enthusiasts.

Additional Information

GameLegacy of Discord Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds
DeveloperYoozoo (HongKong)
Downloads50 M +
Size13 MBs
Last update3 days ago


As part of the “Legacy of Discord apk mod 2021: Furious Wings” series, gamers can enjoy role-playing games with activities with action tactics. However, this project also takes current gamers’ demands into account. As well as all pretenders. Specifically, it gives a framework for the analysis of pretending that is not confined to surface-level details. Also, there were fierce battles.

Experience a story crusade that will stay with you. Furthermore, you will encounter dangerous animals, a destructive supervisor, and an ancient treasure. Engage in a continuous flow of vivid interaction. Observe different types of gameplay.

A reputable association is also essential. Play a series of in-game events that give you unique emotions and important prizes.

Even more, will be possible to boost the game with unlimited resources. You can improve your gameplay with Legacy Of Discord Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds. There will be more than just diamonds available to you.

You can do so even if your pockets are full of unlimited funds. It is then clear which games are the most lucrative. During this time, all of you are playing your fun games.

You can only succeed in Legacy of Discord if the player is financially secure and has the right skills. This is what you’ll use to purchase new equipment and upgrade the hero’s abilities. We again introduce to you a mod that is able to give you infinite money. Almost no restrictions on how to improve your character.

The Legacy of Discord unlimited money mod apk has been checked by our team and has been confirmed to work properly. The easy and enjoyable nature of this game is due to this innovation. PvP and PvE both need money to succeed. The installation file was also scanned for malware. There is no fear of using it based on the results. The installation instructions below will lead you through the process of installing the game.

Yet, the most recent version of the mod worked. Updates can be problematic when you don’t have a stable internet connection. Please find attachments as well as the original game. Stay up-to-date.


Your character must be selected before you start the game; you may choose from sorcerers, swordsmen, or berserkers. The characteristics and capabilities of each hero are unique. A huge number of servers are supported by Legacy of Discord, so missions can be completed on any server. Engage in communication, battle other players, and have fun. A nuanced, however, should be noted. Players can purchase items with real money as well as the in-game currency of the game.

While Legacy of Discord’s latest version mod apk lacks its own storyline, the dialog between NPCs gives you insight into the game’s history and lore. You can somehow transition from one dialogue exchange to the next in story campaigns. This can mean bringing something, being able to defeat a demon, or defeating an evil figure. You will be provided with a map that you use conditionally as part of a story mission. This map shows dozens of demons en masse on top of a tower. The elimination of evil from the center and destroying it is your primary objective.


Gaming communities around the world are familiar with Legacy of Discord. This project has many good points, which we will discuss below.


You will feel like a real hero when you play Legacy of Discord because it transports you into an incredibly detailed and expansive fantasy world. The shortest campaigns tend to be the best, and PvP is usually bland. This is a very different situation, as here PvP and PvE modes can be had in very different combinations. Here are a few points to consider.

You can challenge your heroes in epic battles against powerful elementals in the Campaign mode, dungeon walk to earn experience or coin, search for relics in ancient ruins, and fight for money and experience in the Dungeon Mode. There are several different types of activities in PvE; as a result, exploring all the mechanics takes a lot of time. The project offers more opportunities than these, however. Besides the strategy mode, players can engage in online combat through the PvP mode.

In addition to arena play and battle royale modes, the game has guild battles, sword fights, and secret content as well. You’ll also find real players from other clans, as well as dangerous mobs. Due to this, you will have no problem finding a model that appeals to you, as there is a wide selection here.


It is essential for you to think about all of the subtleties in character development before selecting an activity in the legacy of discord. Sorcerer, blade dancer, and berserker are all classes in the game. Sorcerers cast powerful spells as part of their classic magic. As a blade dancer, you will do deadly strikes to your adversaries with swiftness and precision. This tough, deadly killer is a berserker. The puppeteer course, which is unlocked after completing several required tasks, is a new class that has appeared recently. Legacy of discord offers an elegant upgrade system. Characters are upgraded, abilities are improved, and various bonuses are gathered through various means. Using items you make manually, you can use them to knock down demons in one of the game modes.


There are several parts to the legacy of discord. Your time is mostly spent in the campaign itself, which is broken down into levels and chapters. You need to advance along these corridors to unlock the next level. Various monsters are encountered on the way to each location. After each stage, a boss will appear. You will be successful at completing the mini-journey if you win him. It is always a confrontation with the most powerful and challenging boss that concludes each chapter.

The game has 3 different difficulty levels with individual time limits and rewards for each. Multiplayer modes were not forgotten by the developers. There is a large-scale event called “guild conflict” in which you can join forces with other players. Team battles can be performed at several locations, as we have already mentioned. The game features the “arena” mode, which is ideal for supporters of spectacular duels. Participation in this competition entitles you to rewards as well as skill points. Aerial combat is possible when you have divine wings.


Optimization is what distinguishes the legacy of discord from other titles. There are elaborate visual effects and animations accompanied by high-quality graphics. A user of a weak smartphone can customize everything to suit their needs. In addition, the installation file is relatively small, which is another factor to consider.


Legacy of discord will accompany you with stunning visuals, stunning animation, and realistic sounds throughout your entire adventure. Furthermore, thanks to excellent optimization, the game does not require a powerful machine, so you can play it even if you do not have the most recent device. This magnificent project allows every user to personalize their phone’s visual appearance and play epic battles on their smartphones.

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Featured Mods:

Unlimited Diamonds: Diamonds are one of the most important elements for an exceptional gameplay experience since they allow you to accomplish anything. We have a mod that lets you get unlimited diamonds.

Unlock VIP 15: This premium resource, which was paid for in the official game, has been made available free of charge in this mod. Get started by downloading it.

Credits: This free action game is brought to you by GTarcade in their Legacy of Discord-The Furious Wings.


Each visitor to our site can download files with ease thanks to the many ways we made it easy. You will need the following step-by-step guide if this is your first time installing a modded or hacked app from third-party sources:

1.       Apk will be downloaded when you click the button to download.

After that is done, choose apk file manager.

3.       Your device may ask you for permissions when installing a new apk file. You must switch on the device’s “allow from this source” tab before installation will begin.

4.       It is now ready for play once the installation is complete!

For optimal installation, make sure to reinstall the legacy of discord: furious wings after uninstalling.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the online status of Discord’s Legacy?

The game can only be played offline.

How does Legacy of Discord give you unlimited money?

It’s easy. Just click on the link above to download the game. Your needs will be met.

How safe has Legacy Of Discord been?

Similarly, safety must also be a priority. Additionally, there is no violence in the game so it is totally safe to play.


This game is good for all ages. Furious Wings: Legacy of Discord is available for download now. A very impressive visual style, from the improvement of the wings all the way to developing loyal companions along the way. The project is highly recommended to role-players as well as to those who enjoy having fun in a virtual world.

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