Mini Militia Mod APK (God Mod & Unlimited Everything)

Are you looking for the pro pack of the unlocked latest version of the Mini Militia? Do you want to get and play the premium version of a Battlefield game named Mini Militia? You are in the right place because I have a Modified version of the original game app that contains all of the original features plus premium features unlocked for free. Mini Militia Mod APK is a top-rated online multiplayer 2D mobile game that has all the features unlocked. The multiplayer may be from homes like your friends or family members or the entire globe. 

The Gameplay of Mini Militia

You will see a minor character having a gun that will move all around in this shooting game. A group of 5 or 6 people will fight among themselves with guns. Although the game is not so tricky, it is also not so easy to play.

An early Description of the Game

Enemies surround the battlefield, and enemies are shielding smoke along with continuous firing. Your entire team is down, and you have to defeat the enemies with your ultimate skills and become the lone survivor. Subsequently, this was action and adventure limited to movies in the early days. 

Then gaming apps provided platforms for everyone to enjoy this kind of warfare scene.

In today’s era, when we talk about the best battlefield game, the answer will be PUBG. Before PUBG, this position was owned by the Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia. It has many fans and users of the game because it allows multiplayer Mode without an internet connection. This game is online as well as offline. Appsomniacs LLC developed the game in 2017.

Features of Mini Militia Apk

The general features of the Mini Militia standard version are given as below:

  • A good looking user interface
  • Challenge matches with friends
  • Friend’s online/offline status 
  • Push notifications
  • Logging in with G-mail and Facebook
  • Customer support option
  • Joystick button changeable
  • Customization of buttons

Features of Mini Militia Mod Apk

  • Pro pack unlocked
  • The latest version, Modified
  • Infinite jet-pack power
  • Unlimited health
  • Infinite ammo and bombs
  • One-shot kill enabled
  • Ultra speed Mod
  • CTF version
  • Auto-aims
  • Multi-bullets at once
  • Wall-hack
  • Unlimited battle points
  • 7x zoom in all weapons
  • We will see the details of these features in this section. If you are familiar with these features, you may skip to the next portion.

Mini Militia Pro Pack Unlocked

In the Mod version of the game, all the pro features are unlocked. Unlike the standard version, you don’t need to spend money to unlock the pro pack like store items. Moreover, you will get all the maps, weapons, avatars, etc., unlocked for free. Also, you will get many new store items.

Mini Militia Latest Version Mod

As you all guys know that such game apps are updated regularly with new features. A new version contains all the previous features in the same or different way and adds some new features. Thus, the latest version of the game is preferred over its predecessors. The Modified version available on our web page is the latest version of the games that are given extra features. You will have an interface of the latest version.

Unlimited Jet-pack Power

You are going to have unlimited nitro with this feature. You will not need a nitro booster anymore because this is the prominent feature of the Mod APK. Keeping a sniper in hand and hovering over the maps, you will enjoy the game a lot. The most exciting thing is that you will get this feature in offline gameplays too.

Unlimited Health

Although it sounds strange and surprising, you are going to have unlimited health in the Mod. Your game character will become immortal. Any weapons from the opponent team will be of no use. It seems an ideal character, but it is a real character of the game. Just start playing the game without any fear of death.

Unlimited Ammo and Bombs

Ammo specializes the battlefield games. Usually, it increases the ammunition of weapons for players. In the mod, ammo will be increased to unlimited. Similarly, bombs are throwables that are useful for players when players are hiding and surprise attacks from far-off places. You will get unlimited bombs in the Mod APK. 

One-shot kill Mode

Moreover, in the list of unbelievable and unique features, a one-shot kill Mode is also added. Classic battlefield games take a lot of shots till death. A single shot can decrease some of the health of the player. But, the Modification of the game will give you a Mode of the one-shot kill. You can kill the enemies by putting just one shot on them. Isn’t this amazing to kill the enemy with just one tap of yours?

CTF Version

The CTF version or capture the flag version is 4.0.36. The CTF version allows players to choose teams and select two colors. The team has to capture the flag of the opponent team. The team has rewarded when the flag is placed where the flag is to be kept. The number of takedowns will be counted, and the team with the maximum number is the winner. Also, a semi-automatic gun is rewarded whenever the flag is captured and placed back in its position. CTF version is also a feature of Mini Militia Mod APK.


Aiming right on the enemy is very tricky. Although it is possible to set aim at an enemy without so much trouble, it is also a chance that the enemy leaves that place right at that time. This situation may be problematic but don’t worry, the Mod APK of the game has a fantastic auto-aiming feature. Place your aim near your enemy and hit the fire button. The fire will automatically hit the enemy. Hence, auto-aiming is a beneficial feature for newbies. 

Ultra speed Mode

As discussed above in CTF Mode, the players also need a reasonable speed to reach quickly. To increase this speed, no pro-level, ultra-speed Mode had introduced. This will enhance your speed to the ultimate level.

Multi Bullets at once

The feature will modify your bullet counting too. You will be able to fire bullets up to 1000 by just one shot. Click once on the fire button, and the result will be 1000 bullets at once.


How can a person see through the walls or such of other rigid things? But this is also possible in the game Mini Militia Mod APK, where you can see through walls. This feature is known as the wall-hack feature. In addition to this, this feature will also help you out to spot enemies. Anyhow, the feature is concerned with the location finding of enemies.

Unlimited Battle Points

Battle points or BP is the currency of Mini Militia that used to buy store upgrades. They are gained by killing enemies. For example, if you kill two enemies, then you will be rewarded 2 BP.

This number of battle points is not sufficient to purchase enough store items of your desire or needs. Mod APK will also reward you with an unlimited number of battle points. You will be able to buy and upgrade your character as you want. 

7x zoom in for all Weapons

Yes, you are going to have a zoom of 7x on every weapon on any map anywhere. That means that you will be able to zoom out your weapon seven times. The enemy will be far, and making a spot at him will be so easy that it will seem as the enemy is just here. People say that whenever the distance between enemies is reduced, the battlefield becomes very thunderous. There will be a thunderbolt for this time too will be of fire and on enemies camp.

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Additional Features of the Mod Mini Militia

Anti-Ban Mod

 Since it is a common issue with the Mod APK getting banned, why do people use our Mod APK still so much? Because the Mod APK provided by us has been checked, tested, and proved with anti-ban properties. You will not be identified as using a Mod. Your account will not ban because of using a Mod. This is a core benefit of the Mod above the fantastic features. 

Simple and Easy

Unlike other battlefield games, this game provides you with an easy-to-play interface and simple controls. The simplicity level increases when Mod removes complexities. In short, the game is much easy to play as it is a huge source of enjoyment. 

Free and Safe

Many websites offer the pro pack of the game for free too. But before downloading from an untrusted website, keep in mind that you may fill your mobile with malware or viruses. Instead of it, download the game app from here and install a safe and anti-ban app without any worries.

Another feature and benefit of the Mod are that it is free of cost. You will have all the premium features for free.

How to Download and Install Mini Militia Mod Apk?

Installation is not so much complicated as you think. Just follow the steps mentioned below, and you will install the game on your phone easily.

  1. First of all, uninstall the original or previous version of the game if you have any.
  2. Then click on the download button on the web-page to download Mini Militia Mod apk.
  3. Now, go to settings of the phone and allow unknown resources of installation settings > security > enable unknown sources if disabled.
  4. Then go to the downloaded file location and install the file. For installation, click on the file and then install.

Now your game will be installed and ready to play. This is all that we need to install the game.

Weapons Available in the Latest version:

  • MP5
  • AK47
  • M4
  • M14
  • SMAW

Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions exist in almost every gamer about the app from downloading to playing. These are some of the frequently asked questions about the game.

Is it safe to play Mini Militia Mod APK?

Yes, this is a Modified version of APK that will add many extra features for enjoyment and gameplay in the original version. You will experience a 100% safe application without any issue.

How to download the Mod APK of the Mini Militia?

The entire method is quite simple four steps process is given in the above article. Just read the download and install section guide from the article.

Can we play Mini Militia Mod APK on PC?

Yes, the game has one of its versions that is compatible with the PC. So you can see the download guide for PC, and you can download the gaming app on PC.

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Final verdict

In a nutshell, Mini Militia Mod Apk has provided fully unlocked pro features for free. You will have the game without any cost at all. Mainly, Mod APK is for gamers’ choice, so almost every new gamer is a Mod APK gamer. So, you have been provided with almost all necessary information, frequently asked questions, and an installation guide. If you have any queries regarding the game, drop your comment in the comment section; we will reply to you in the comment section.

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