Pokemon Go Mod Apk v0.197.1 (Fake GPS/Joystick Unlimited Pokecoins+ Anti Ban Apk)

Pokemon Go Mod Apk is the modified version of this adventurous game. In the simple version, you only have access to some of the features, but this comes with much more. With mod apk, you enjoy all the parts for free. All these features make your game more exciting and exciting. 

For making things more transparent for you, I would like to give you detailed knowledge of this game. Read the below information so that you will know about the game and the benefits of this mod file. 

 [su_heading size=”20″ align=”left” margin=”30″]About the Game[/su_heading]

Nowadays, the technology of game development has improved there are new functions introduced. One of the examples of such processes is GPS signals in the game. With such an enhancement, you can find out the game’s legendary assets near your residence. Pokemon Go is one of the products of such development. As we know, the format of the game has designed while considering the famous Pokemon Cartoons. Besides, the game is compatible with both Android and iOS. 

For proceeding further, you need to make tours in different places near to your home. For instance, they can ask you to go to any shop or park while playing it. At the same time for accessing the legendary Pokemon is not as easy. Players have to travel to different cities to find Pokemon to fill their Pokedex. 

No doubt if you are an adventure freak and love to travel, then it’s an excellent idea. Otherwise, Pokemon Go Apk Mod can help you in this matter. Using this version of the game, you can have access to Fake GPS for free without going anywhere. You can download this cracked version from the above link.

Important Notes

  • The game has optimized for mobiles, not tablets. You can also play this game for free you can also have an advanced edition in game-purchase.
  • The app will not play on some devices while these are having compatible OS versions.
  • Moreover, the information of compatibility can change sometimes.
  • If you want to attain exact location details, you need to play while connected to a network.
  • The app is compatible with all androids having RAM of 2GB or more. Also, suitable for 4.4-7.0+ installed android versions.
  • Further, devices with only a Wi-Fi connection and no GPS capabilities not guaranteeing compatibility. That means you need to have both of these for playing this game efficiently on your handsets.

Benefits of Downloading Pokemon Go Mod Apk 

Here in this section, we’ll give you comprehensive information about this practical application so that you can easily understand to use and deal with it.

In Actual, this modded version helps you fulfill all your requirements without bothering yourself and your money. The mod apk will provide you access to any location you want. Only you need to change the GPS signal according to a suitable pin. 

In short, you can have the Russian located Pokemon while being in Canada. Nonetheless, you don’t need to worry about your account; it will not ban.

Features Pokemon Go Apk 

The game has designed with attractive and exciting graphics and concepts. Also, the games have embedded with worth enjoying features, all of which you will see in-game while exploring it. However, I’m going to highlight a few of them below.

Unlimited Pokecoins

Pokecoins are an essential item in Pokemon Go. You can buy anything with these pokecoins from the game’s shop. Anyhow, you can purchase these coins with real money, but there are also some other ways. One of them is you have to defend gyms for gaining these pokecoins. The more you support gyms, the more coins will be in your account. 

On the other hand, you can download the Pokemon Go Mod from the above link. By downloading this modded version of the game, you can have access to coins for free.

Pokemon Types

There are various characters in this game; each of them is a type of Pokemon. So, each sort of Pokemon possesses its strengths and specialty. In the game, it all depends on your training your selective character. The more you train them more chances to be the king of the game.

Fake GPS and Joystick 

To begin the real game, one has first to find Pokemon. Well, with this mod apk you can not have to bother to find Pokemon first. The reason is that this apk makes this process easy by providing you with Joystick and Fake GPS. 

By using these two features, the Pokemon will have automatically appeared to you. Then, the rest of the game is on you.

Train them 

If you want to be a master of Pokemon Go, you must first train your character with real determination. Moving on further, the player must focus on the colors of the rings. Also, the player should consider the size of the ring while playing. As the ring becomes small, he should be more attentive towards it.

Furthermore, the ring changes into two colors, green and yellow. However, the green color signs that you can catch them easily. On the contrary, the yellow color of the ring predicts its difficultly has increased.

Use of real account

You can log in with your real account; this app will never block you. However, you can sign up/in the game with your Fb ID or Google Play ID and save all data regarding this game. Simply, this one is an anti-ban app, so chill and be authentic. 

Social Feature 

The latest feature has introduced in the game a new trade in the name of friendship. This new wave of goodwill helps you to unlock bonuses. Anyhow, in this game, the trainers connect each other socially and commercially. With this feature, you can add friends and send gifts to each other as well. Also, trainers can exchange their Pokemon if they want. However, these social features encourage teamwork and supportive behave of a leader in the race of success. 

Hatch Pokemon Eggs

With this apk, you can also hatch the same Pokemon eggs by the distance, then evolve them into a grown Pokemon.

Compete in battles 

You can take part in the battlegrounds like gymnastics and Raid with your partner as a team. A significant feature of social interaction can help you find a suitable partner for the game. Both of you can prove beast of the battles. So be careful, make a proper strategy and execute it wisely. 

The win in these battles makes your position robust and reliable. Also, you can add additional effective Pokemons to your collection list.

A Free-to-Play outdoor+indoor pocket monster game 

The game is a combination of indoor+outdoor online game. But by all means, your main aim is to catch as much as possible Pokemons so that you can use them in Kanto, Galar, indigo, and other leagues. When you prove yourself by winning all these leagues, you’ll get many gym badges. In addition to these badges, you will attain the honor of being Pokemon Master. 

Apart from this, the badges also increase your rank on the scoreboard along with the best user experience. What are you waiting for? Now go and take entry into the world of Pokemon Go.

The primary part of this edition is the massive category of Pokemon for the players. In this edition, you can have a wide range of Pokemon for collecting and using, making this version superior to others. In the world of Pokemon, you will not see this advantage in any other edition. It offers you to play with Legendary Pokemon, Lucky Pokemon, Psychic Pokemon, Mega Pokemon, Shinning Pokemon, Mythical Pokemon, Shadow Pokemon, and many more others. Also, you can go with Pokemon of the different leagues according to your convenience.

What’s New?

  • Collection Challenges – a new series of challenging in the new year that will help you invade Pokemon that featured in-game events. 
  • Now you can find your Pokemon collection with the Candy XL.
  • Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto!
  • Enhanced the Pokemon tagging and egg storage departments.

[su_heading size=”20″ align=”left” margin=”30″]How to Install Pokemon Go MOD Apk [/su_heading]

We want to help you make the installing process easy for you if you face the issue. Follow the above steps for installing the file on your Android.

  • First of all, check the settings of your Android.
  • Go to the security.
  • Then allow unknown resources if not allowed.
  • Now download Pokemon Go Mod from the above link. 
  • The file will download in a few minutes.
  • Now check in download files of the phone, is the downloaded file there or not?
  • If there, click on the file.
  • Install the app.
  • Afterward, install, open the game, and enjoy. 


Do Joystick and Fake GPS are working in this version of the game?

Yea, in this mod apk, you will provide with Fake GPS and Joystick features.

Can you catch Arceus and sylveon in Pokemon Go Apk?

You can catch Arceus, but you can’t see sylveon in Pokemon Go Apk.

I have problems in collecting pokestop rewards and can’t seize Pokemons?

Firstly wait a few hours or come with a different ID, then come back with an old one, your problem will be resolved.

In a nutshell 

Join this awesome game like Pokemon Go is one of the sensations in the domain of mobile games. It has downloaded approximately one billion times. In addition to this success, this game achieved the title of “Best Mobile Game” by the most reputed Game developer’s voice awards. Gladly, it has not stopped there, and it earned the “Best App of the Year” award as well by TechCrunch.

Be part of this exciting game and explore the world of Pokemon. Gather the collection of Pokemon to fill your Pokedex. Make a team of you with your friend to assist each other in being more vigorous and getting rewards. Also, be a part of great Gym Battles and pitch to other trainers for making the team. Use this team for being more powerful and impactful in the race of Raid Battles.

Here we have written a comprehensive detail about the game that will aid you in understanding it. Different features and benefits have been discussed; check above if not checked yet. Mod Pokemon make your way easy in the Pokemon Universe. 

Share the articles with others to use this information for playing the game; however, if you have any confusion, you can write in the comment section. We’ll try our best to solve your queries.

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