PUBG Mobile Mod Apk v1.3.0 Unlimited uc, Aimbot, WallHack

Player unknown’s battleground (PUBG) is the most trending multiplayer battle game worldwide. The game’s immense popularity can be estimated that almost 8 of 10 teenagers are obsessed with the game worldwide. Besides its popularity among teenagers, it is equally popular in persons of any age. Females are also not so much away from the game. The publisher of the game is a video game company named blue hole. The game runs very smoothly in android as well as iOS operating systems. Moreover, in this article, you will get a chance to get to know about PUBG Mobile Mod Apk Version and its uses.

The Gameplay of PUBG Mod Apk

You can play the game as a guest or by your account with your regular progress as well. The game has many gameplay maps and Modes that include classic, livik, arena training, etc. Mainly, the game played on islands that include Orange, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. Throughout all the 100 players of the most played map classic can select their desired island. Players can jump from their plane with the help of the jump button. They have facilitate with parachutes, and they can glide towards the land with the use of parachutes. Players have no weapon at the start of the game, but they can collect it by picking it up from buildings. Except for one’s team, every other player is an enemy. In the end, the player or the team surviving till last will be the winner. Also, players provided with bandages, health kits to heal up.

Danger zone or safe zone:

These are two zones in the game. First, the danger zone is usually represent with red or blue color, while the other is a safe zone comprises a white circle. Danger zones provide damage to players in different ways. As the time of the game increases, the safe zone will get smaller and smaller. Insides the safe one, the red zone is comprised, and players are attacked by bombardment if outside the buildings. Players will need to find a safe zone and remain inside the safe zone.

Gameplay Modes-single player or Multiplayer PUBG Mobile Mod Apk

You can play in both single and multiplayer modes. You will not have a squad of your team in single-player mode, and you will get kill without being knocked. Team member players can revive to knocked players off their teams. However, in multiplayer Mode, you can play in a group of 2 players or a group of 4 players. The other players can be your friends, or they may be any random players. The benefit of multiplayer mode is that players can revive their squad players. 

What is PUBG Mod apk?

PUBG Mod apk is the Modified Version of the PUBG mobile game that provides many extra features and all its original features. These added features include unlimited UC, wallhack feature, auto-aim, no recoiling, rapid-fire abilities, and many more. 

Need for PUBG Mod?

Due to many of the controls and settings of action ad survival games, a player needs a high grip on controls. At a time, he needs to control many actions and movements. Movement of players, controlling the fire option for enemies, and reloading weapons become very tough to handle for newbies. But don’t worry, the PUBG mobile hack version is especially for newbies that provide many of the features discussed above. Mod version lets them be free of reloading by auto reloading feature, aiming with auto-aim feature, wallhack feature to see the enemies’ position. Mod apk became the need of players because of its excellent and helpful features in gameplay.

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Detailed features of PUBG Mobile Mod Apk

Following is the detail of features that make the Mod PUBG Apk version distinct from the original version of the game:

Aimbot/ auto-aim

Aimbot is the feature of the game that kills the enemies automatically. Not only it spots the enemies, but it also kills them. Aimbot does not kill or shoot the enemies through the wall to avoid getting noticed or reported. It is the feature only for guns or handguns but not for grenades or other such explosives. Instead, the players can find weapons and ammo, but they have to be careful about ammo as the ammo is limited. The additional feature in this feature is that enemies or other players will not notice the player.

Wallhack feature

Can you ever see opposite to the walls or other solid objects? Most probably, the answer would be NO. But this PUBG mod apk has made it possible with the wallhack feature. You will see through walls and solid objects like cars, trees, etc. It will help you to spot the other players or enemies in the game. Anyhow this feature also allows locating their target on the map too. One drawback of using this feature is that the other players can notice your hacks, and the player might get reported by the other players.

Unlimited UC

UC is the currency of PUBG use for buying weapons, skins, cosmetics, and outfits of your desire. Unlike the original version of the game, you don’t need to buy UC with real money and purchase these valuable tools in the Mod game. You will offer unlimited UC for unlimited time. The players can buy anything from the stuff by utilizing these free UCs.

Unlimited BP

Bp stands for battle points, and these are the points gained by the player that decides the performance of players. The effect of bp is on the player because a player with more bp can raise more powerful shots with the same weapon than the player having less bp. In this apk version of the game, you will get unlimited battle points or bps.

Unlocked PUBG skins

A Mod game’s added feature is that a player will unlock different weapon skins and player’s skins by using unlimited UC and bp. However, this feature will allow the player to change his appearance by changing clothing skins. Players can buy a variety of skins for their weapons and their appearance.

No recoil/ reloading

Reloading had been common trouble while playing action and survival games. In these games, each second will decide your victory or death. Imagine you are firing bullets on the enemy of you who is just in front of you. Both of you are firing on each other. And suddenly, you notice that you need to reload your weapon. Your reloading time will be an opportunity for your opponent, which may cause your death. But don’t worry so much; the Mod PUBG Apk comes with no recoil feature. You don’t need to wait for the reloading of your weapon.

Another great feature added to the game is no fog throughout the game. Fogs are surprise attacks for you by your enemy because they can even happen when you are far off your enemy. Unfortunately, fog will deprive your eyes of seeing anything for a while. And this may be the best time for the enemy to attack. 

Nevertheless, the Mod version will save you from these types of attacks because there is no fog in this game version. You will play the game without such fears.

No root required

Most of the Mod apps or games demand rooted devices to access. On the other hand, this Apk PUBG game also frees you from this need, and you may get all these features with this version on your non-rooted device. Moreover, your device’s root will not affect the game’s performance because of being a root-free game.


Unlike other Mod games, the game comes with anti-ban properties. Your account will not ban because of using a Mod version of the game. Along with the above core benefits, this is one of the main advantages of the PUBG mobile Mod version apk.

How to download and install the PUBG Mod apk?

For most people, downloading and installing Modified versions of PUBG was a complicated thing. Some of them even think as all this is unreal. Maybe some of the sites may have betrayed them, but I will explain it easy to download and install the PUBG mobile Mod game.

Just follow the steps below, but before following these steps, do uninstall the previous version if you have installed it.

Step 1– First, enable unknown sources installation on your phone from settings. Then click on the download button provided on this page. 

Step 2– After the file has downloaded, click on install. If it OBB file has provided with the use any combo apk installer for installing both apk and OBB files and paste the obb file to the directory:


 This is a super-simple two-step method for downloading and installation of the game.

Remember – the size of the game is mention above. You must have internet data in something more than the game’s file and free storage available on your mobile.


Now the game is on your phone, and you can enjoy it whenever you want. 


PUBG Mobile is a fantastic game due to its immense gameplay, high-end graphics, and other such great features. Its Modified version adds many features to it. We have provided you with all of its features in detail as above. Just download the game and enjoy it. In your queries, please leave your question in the comment box; I will reply to that in the comments.


We have provided frequently asked questions regarding PUBG mobile in this section. If you any query other than the given below, you may ask them in the comment section, we will answer in the comment section of that query.

Is this PUBG version a hack APK?

This is a Modified app of the original app that contains many extra features and the original features. Based on its features, let’s not call it a hack version.

Why should I download the PUBG Mod apk?

The simple answer to this is that you should get the app if you want all those features discussed above.

Is this secure to download the Mod version of the game on mobile?

Yes, the game is 100% safe and secure. Moreover, it is also a free game.

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