Using SetCPU MOD APK on an Android device, you can change the settings of the CPU. Android devices and ROMs are supported by SetCPU, such as Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, and Nexus smartphones. SetCPU lets you optimize battery life or perform better!

Automatically set a profile for SetCPU! Under some conditions, these conditions may be changed with SetCPU. During alarms or sleep cycles, during times of high heat or cold, and when the phone is low on battery. This app can be used by beginners as well as experts. Improve your phone’s multitasking capabilities by speeding up the processor, or save battery life by choosing the CPU.

Additional Information

GameSetCPU Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
DeveloperSetCPU Inc
Downloads500K +
Size1.97 MBs
Last update3 days ago


Android beginners and enthusiasts need to find SetCPU latest version apk useful. Boost the performance of your phone with a true multitasking processor, or reduce phone speed to conserve battery.

In some custom kernels, which can support Undervoltage control in order to conserve more power, SetCPU apk android provides a voltage control menu. There are only certain kernels that allow under volting. Thanks for having me back;) I’ve been busy working last year. In addition to bug fixes, Permanent.1.0 will be updated more often due to a few permanent issues.

Key Features of SetCPU Apk:

  • Setting up powerful profiles to change your settings will be possible with SetCPU For Root Users Apk.
  • When you are approaching certain time periods, you will be notified when your battery is low or when the temperature is high.
  • Its easy-to-use interface fits both Android beginners and experts.
  • The phone’s processor can also be slowed down to conserve battery power or accelerated for multitasking purposes.
  • Use SetCPU For Android to enable profiles. It will also start at boot time.
  • It also sets the partitioning of the hard drive according to the default settings.
  • If profiles are disabled, they are inactive after settings are applied and cannot run in the background.
  • Setting the CPU at high speed will prevent the device from falling asleep.
  • The SD card or internal storage needs to be able to read from and write to all types of backups.
  • A user can also choose to trigger the profile when they make or do not make a phone call.

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Obtain permission:

  • CPCP speed and other SetCPU options can only be changed by root.
  • Utilize Read Reads. Presently, all of this is done with it.
  • When SetCPU is enabled, it will start the boot service. In addition, if enabled, you can choose your startup settings. The SetCPU command is not executed in the background if the profile is not activated and becomes inactive after being set.
  • The device’s wake lock creates an alert in the case of an unconscious device.
  • For saving a profile, you can access it using Sefuka.
  • During the “Qingling” session, you must determine if anything is happening and if users so desire.

Installation of SetCPU for Root Users

Setting up SetCPU for Root Users on your Android device is easy with the following simple steps. We have published instructions on installing SetCPU for Root Users using direct download or through the Google Play Store. You have probably installed the free Android apk file or app SetCPU for Root Users successfully following the instructions above.

  • A smartphone or tablet with an internet connection is required first.
  • Then, select Download from the Play Store or the APK.
  • The app will begin to download if you click “Download APK”.
  • To download the file, click the download link after you have completed the download.
  • During the install process, you can either cancel it or continue.
  • An installation notification will appear if it has been successfully completed.
  • Clicking on the Play Store option will also allow you to download the app.
  • The installation button is available through Google Play.
  • Wait for a few minutes before clicking the install button.
    An uninstall or done notification appears after a successful installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SetCPU work?

Using SetCPU on an Android device, you can change the settings of the CPU. Among the devices and ROMs, SetCPU works with are android devices owned by HTC and Samsung.

Does its apk file contain a virus?

There is no risk involved. Prior to attaching to the page, it is scanned by antivirus software.

How has SetCPU for Root Users been modified since its initial release?

  • Google Play guidelines require the addition of a privacy policy. (Even though we do not currently collect any data) We will never collect your data without your consent.
  • SetCPU is being rewritten today with the Gradle build system.

Final Words

This article discusses SetCPU MOD APK extensively. A lot of its features and functions are described here. It has been a pleasure sharing information with you.

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