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In work and everyday life, email is often used. As well as communicating through email, you also chat with other people. You seem to only use it a few times due to some special job needs, such as creating multiple email accounts. It takes a lot of time and effort to create an account, and that can affect your productivity. You can use Temp Mail apk to fix your problem. You can create emails without having to verify your identity using the application. Additionally, your identity is completely hidden, so you will never receive unwanted spam.

It is impossible to register or verify codes without using the e-mail box. In some situations, a mailbox is required for a short period of time, but linking your personal account would be risky. Some people use email addresses to create a second account in a game or on another platform. To get a special code, such situations require quick access to mailing services. There is, however, a special app called Temp Mail mod apk that can temporarily store emails. launched only a couple of years ago, but already has over five million users

It is probable that you will often get spam emails from unwanted sources. This is because you will be involved in sending and receiving hundreds of emails each day as others can easily acquire your email address. Due to this, spam emails will likely take up most of your time.

The solution for this is certainly to use a temporary email address to hide your real address. It is surprisingly easy to generate temporary email addresses with Temp Mail Pro, and you can make full use of them. By using these emails instead of your main contact, you will be less likely to get spammed.

Information Table

Name of appTemp mod apk
Require5.0 and up
UpdatedLast Week
Get it onGoogle Play store
PublisherPrivatix Limited

More About Temp Mail

Correspondence has always been a popular method of connecting people with each other, both in the past and now. Many different types of mail have been used throughout history, including people carrying news between places or birds delivering mail. It’s still possible to use these forms when people use handwritten letters. As technology advanced, email was released, changing people’s habits.

The message can be delivered to the recipient in a few seconds, not minutes. Many users use email applications other than Google Gmail, which is a popular application. A recently released and highly appreciated application is T Mail – Temporary Email. The app has many impressive features that make it stand out from similar apps, making it popular with many users. You can’t find the features of this application in other applications you use.

This is how it is used Temp mail apk:

To log into the application, users do not need an account, as was the case with its predecessors. The user must register for an account to access the associated applications in many other applications. However, an account is not needed to use this app. Users will be able to create accounts and communicate with one another through the application. You can start the app, write a letter, enter the address of the recipient, and then send it. You can send the letter in seconds, and the recipient will receive it quickly.

Account temporarily set up

In addition to not requiring the creation of an account, the app also does not require a password. This application allows users to create temporary email accounts, which is how it gets its name, T Mail – Temporary Email. A mail address is available when downloading an application. There are benefits and disadvantages to using this brief account, but all in all, it is a positive experience. If a temporary account is stolen, it is almost useless, because it can be replaced easily. The email address cannot also be used by hackers to track users. A second benefit is that users can communicate with multiple people at once using multiple email addresses.

Support for multiple accounts

Aside from offering one email account and up to five chat accounts, the app offers multiple chat accounts. By allowing users to change them periodically, it allows them to be flexible while chatting. Changing accounts is relatively simple regardless of the number of accounts; simply select the one you wish to change and click agree. Please sign in again using your username and password, and click the agree to button.

Easy to manage

Despite the fact that there are many accounts in one application, this application is easy to manage if all of them are in one interface. The user’s messages will be visible when they send and receive them from this account. Using another account will change the mailbox to the email account from which the emails were coming. Changes can be made to all accounts from a single interface. In this way, no errors will occur in the application; users can have complete trust in the management of the application.

Spam needs to be eliminated

To prevent the annoying reading of mail, this application has the unique feature of removing spam from the application. The user’s Gmail account can also be linked to a variety of other accounts, which results in spam emails being sent to the account. Despite screening measures, results have not been satisfactory. However, because this application is only temporary accounts, it cannot be linked to anything else, and no spam mail will be sent.


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The gameplay of Temp mail mod:

It is often used as a means of preventing spamming emails from being sent to you whenever you go online. By using temporary email accounts offered by some service providers, you can receive unimportant emails instead of using your primary email address.

These temporary emails allow you to receive emails from your contacts just like normal. You will, however, lose all contact information after a certain amount of time. These emails will also terminate automatically after a certain amount of time. Thus, your main email address cannot be traced back to send out spam or to look for deleted data on your temporary email address. So, contacting online is more convenient and secure, especially when dealing with unimportant emails you’d rather not have on your main account.

As one of the top providers, Android users will find Temp Mail Pro a convenient app for checking out their new temporary emails. You’ll be able to have your emails ready to use in no time with its intuitive features. You will enjoy convenient experiences with your temporary emails right inside the inline interfaces, as well as enjoying its interesting features.

Features of Temp mail:

Spam emails can be hidden by using an effective method

It’s certainly a good idea to use Temp Mail if you want to guard yourself against unwanted spam on the Internet. Thus, you will be effectively protected against spam with the app’s temporary emails. You can pick up your temporary generated emails and use them to receive unimportant emails online. To ensure that you no longer have contact with your temporary contact, these emails will delete themselves. As a result, spammers cannot contact you. Also, you won’t have to disclose your primary address to others, ensuring your privacy and anonymity.

Easy to use without requiring registration

As well as being able to use Temp Mail quickly and comfortably, Android users will find the app to be convenient, easy to use, and does not require registration. You can now use your temporary email after opening the app. Make use of the QR-code to secure the storage of your emails by copying and pasting them into the clipboard.

After a temporary email is finished being used, you can easily delete it and promptly create a new one. Temp Mail gives you push notifications to your mobile device, just as you would with regular email, and you will always have uninterrupted mail services.

Receive messages and attachments in your inbox

You’ll also discover that Temp Mail provides intuitive interfaces, accessible emails, and a variety of features. Receive complete emails, just like with other services such as Gmail. Keep your mails and attachments ready to be accessed whenever needed. Download the app and use it just like you would access your main email account to view email attachments. You can even download your source EML from your inbox so that it stays safe on your mobile device.

You can use the app in any language you prefer

There are dozens of different language choices available to you if you’re not a native English speaker. In-app features are available on your mobile devices and in any language you desire. All Android users will be able to take full advantage of Temp Mail’s feature after it has been fully localized in all languages.

Download the app’s premium version for enhanced features

Android users in Temp Mail may also register for a premium app account to fully take advantage of its awesome features. With your temporary email accounts, you can access more useful features and do more with them.

Make sure your email names look professional by customizing them. Take advantage of convenient Android and iOS apps that enable you to check multiple mailboxes. Using the in-app email viewer, you can access your emails immediately.

Enhance the storage space for your email in order to make your data more accessible. Take advantage of the complete in-app experience, free of ads. Your app will have dozens of useful features with premium support.

A premium email domain is also now available for users. It is designed to allow you to create professionally-looking temporary emails that will look more authentic than your regular emails.

The unlocked app can be downloaded for free on our website

If you don’t want to pay for your premium services, but still want to use the completely unlocked app for free, you can download Temp Mail Pro from our website instead. Users can access the unlocked version of the app here with all the available features for free. Temp Mail Pro APK can be downloaded and installed on our website instead.

How to install Temp apk:

Every effort has been made to ensure that our site visitors have an easy time downloading. In the meantime, if this is your first time downloading hacked or modded applications, the following how-to guide may be helpful for you:

  • Start the download process by clicking on “Download APK”.
  • Once the startup process is complete, open your file manager to select the required application.
  • For the first time, you may be prompted to grant several permissions when installing an APK file. You must turn on the window labeled “Allow from this source” in device settings so that the installation can proceed.
  • It becomes available for use after the installation has been completed!

APK Temp-Mail – Why use it?

  • Don’t be spammed
  • There is no need to register
  • Create a temporary disposable email
  • Do not let spam into your personal inbox to protect your privacy and anonymity
  • Multiple or single attachment(s) can be downloaded from email
  • Languages other than English
  • Every day, emails are permanently deleted


What exactly is a temporary email?

To remain anonymous and protect yourself from spam, you can create a temporary email address. Spam emails will no longer be a problem since they will save them.

Does using mod apk pose a risk?

There is no malware or trojan on our site, so our modded apps are safe to use. To ensure your computing devices are safe, you may wish to scan the application with a virus total before you install it.

What are the symptoms of a malicious APK?

A virus total scan can be performed on the app. The website will scan the apk file and let you know if it is malicious or not. Virustotal sometimes returns false-positive results, but there are also good ones

Final Words

Even so, Temp Mail mod apk is definitely a great app for those of you who are looking for an effective way to keep their identities safe while sending emails online and to avoid spamming emails from others. Using this feature, you can create your own secured temporary emails without revealing your true account information. Additionally, the safe delete feature will ensure that no one will be able to see your received emails.

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