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The age we live in is the age of the internet. Consequently, we keep in touch with each other through phone calls. One of the things that irritate us a lot is unknown calls. Every single day, we receive calls from unknown numbers which is very irritating. So, today, we will introduce you to an app that contains remarkable features. Yes, we are talking about Truecaller apk. This app has great features that can block unknown numbers and gives you complete information about the unknown user.

The popularity of this app is increasing day by day just because of its unique features. If you get a call from an unknown number and you are hesitant to pick it up, don’t worry, this app will give you complete information about the identity of the unknown caller. So, use this app and feel free. Through this app, you can also block unwanted calls. So, it is a highly recommended app. Use this app and get rid of unwanted calls.

Table of Mod Truecaller Premium Apk:

Name of appTruecaller Premium Apk
Size 40MB
PublisherTrue Software Scandinavia Apk 
Get it onGoogle play store

About Truecaller Premium Apk

In this era; we have different ways of communication like messaging, phone calls, video, and audio calls. But the problem we face is unwanted calls or messages that disturb our normal life. So Truecaller premium  Apk helps us a lot in this situation. This app must give information about unknown caller. This app handles all of your calls, messages, and filter out spam calls that irritate you. This is the only app that makes your communication easy and safe.

This is quite a simple and easy app to use. Because of its unique features that make this app is popular throughout the world. Its best feature, caller ID, will give you the identity of an unknown person calling you. This app can block unwanted calls that bother you.

This app can also give you that person’s location which is not on your contact.

The most advanced features of this app are available but these are paid versions.

True caller apk app is a smartphone app. If you can receive a call from an unknown number then still through this app, you can find out the basic information of that person. The spam calls show in red color. So this is the basic information of this app. Use this app for your ease.

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Features of Truecaller premium

There are the following features of this app:

  • Best caller ID:

Through this feature; the identity of an unknown caller can be identified.

  • Voice calling:

Through this feature; you can call with your friends and family members.

  • Blocking function:

This app automatically blocks the spam calls from the unknown person also those phone calls which are not in your contact.

  • Flash messaging tool:

You can use this feature for urgent calls and messages.

  • Automatically identification:

This app automatically identifies unknown calls and SMS.

  • Organize data:

This app can organize your data like calls, into three categories like personal, spam, and other.

  • Free chat:

You can chat freely with your friends, family members, etc.

  • No ads:

The best thing is that there are no ads in this app.

  • Advance blocking option:

There is an advanced blocking option available in this app. This app automatically filters out spam calls.

  • Recording of calls:

You can record calls also. From a business point of view; this is very important to record calls so that you can not forget any important point.

  • Smart messaging feature:

This is one of the best features of this app. You can chat with your friends and family members throughout the world for free. This app automatically detects spam calls and automatically blocks that number.

  • View profiles:

This app allows you to know about those persons who viewed your profile. So you can set privacy so that only your contact number can show your profile.

  •  Dual sim support feature:

Many Android mobiles have 2 sims options. Also, the True caller app supports a dual sim system.

  • Premium feature:

Premium features include phone call recordings, premium budget,30  contact requests per month, and much more.

How to install?

There are the following steps of installation:

  • Download the true caller app from the link given below.
  • Now go to the setting of your mobile, and enable command source.
  • Now click on the apk file for installation
  • Installation will takes few minutes.
  • Now open the app
  • A popup window will appear which allows permission.
  • Now enter your mobile number.
  • Now enter email and mobile phone.
  • Now installation is done
  • Feel free and have great fun!

FAQS(Frequently asked questions):

Is this app is safe to use?

Yes; this app is 100%safe to use. You can download this app from our website.

How do I remove my numbers from the true caller app??

  • First, go to the unlisted page.
  • Enter the mobile no with your country code.
  • Click on unlist phone number button.

After click on on the button; You must wait for 24 hours for the removal of your name.

Is this app is free or not?

Yes, this app is free but some of its features are not free. You have to pay for these features.

Final verdict:

So guys feel free and download the Truecaller apk . More than 500 people use this app. So please download this app from our site which is free from viruses. This app is really helpful for people who are irritating and bothered by unknown calls.

You can use its basic features which are really helpful.

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