Twitter Mod Apk Download [PREMIUM, ADBLOCK]

Have you got annoyed by the limited features of Twitter? And even those features are accessible by seeing their ads and promotions. Are you looking for a better version of Twitter? Cheers, you have reached the right place because I will provide you a modified version of Twitter. This Twitter Mod apk has all those features of the Twitter official app; in addition to them, it will add many extra features to your Twitter. These features include Ad Block (No Ads), Custom Themes, Download Video/Gif/Pictures Option, smart notification settings, and many more.

If you are still not very familiar with Twitter, I will show you a guide about Twitter below.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking app. Its primary purpose is to connect people worldwide and allow people to share their thoughts, experiences, and opinions with a big audience. The users post messages, news, and stories known as “tweets.” However, the app requires the registration of users to like, post the tweets. However, still unregistered users can access the app but can only read the posted tweets of others. Its popularity can be estimated by counting its users, which are more than 500,000,000. Explicitly, it is an instant way of having any news because after the event or the accident has happened, the news comes first of all over Twitter.

How to use Twitter?

Twitter allows its users to follow other users. You have your Twitter timeline where you can see the tweets of users to whom you are following. You can follow people and organizations depending upon your interests. 

Similarly, you can share your tweets or retweet information of ‘tweets’ of others. Retweet means sharing information quickly and efficiently with a large number of people. Below are some features of the Twitter app:

Features of Twitter apk

Twitter comes with demanding features that make it popular through all over the world. The details of these features are given below:

Profile Customization

For an engaging profile, proper customization is mandatory. Also, an app is considered the best if it allows more and more customization features. The app is also saturated with such good customization features:

 Adding photo option: Photo is the first visual element that catches the viewer’s eyes towards profile, and Twitter Mod apk allows users to add a photo.

Add description option: Users can describe their profiles by writing the profile description, and this feature is available in the apk.

Background photo: You can use any picture as a background photo if you are a modded Twitter version.

Location: You can add your location to your profile because it also allows this feature to its users.

Optimize post times: The times of posting tweets can also be optimized in it.

Hashtags: You can use hashtags in your tweets as well.

Discover the Trending Now

You can discover what the top trending hashtags are going nowadays. Moreover, you can see all the top news trends that you are interested in, like sports highlights, politics, entertainment, or whatever else.

Live streaming option

You can enjoy the live stream from anywhere in the world. By seeing from your mobile screen, you can watch, enjoy and feel the live streaming worldwide. And this is not enough; you can also start your own live streaming and amuse, entertain and inform your audience. In addition to it, you can also share videos live or go live, sit on the side, and let your audience see what you are seeing.

Tweet, Retweet, Reply to Tweets, Like or Share

Twitter allows users to tweet their thoughts, feelings, events, news, and many more. It also allows other users to reply to their tweets, like the tweets, or share the tweets. Twitter is not only any news or enjoyment platform, but it is also a messaging app. Users can message in private with someone in their inbox, open chat in groups, replying in a personal inbox from a group. Another interesting thing is that it does not specify the number of tweets, and you can retweet many times.


  • The interface is easy to use .
  • Beneficial to get information from the world, or know what are people talking about


  • The Twitter app contains many ads and promotions, and users get annoyed to see this kind of irrelevant ads and promotions
  • Loading error of Gifs or videos is widespread, and even sometimes, the screen becomes black in the latest versions.
  • Hanging of life is also a common error, and sometimes Live is closed accidentally and automatically
  • The design is too old, and only a few themes are available

Why do we need Mod Version of Twitter?

Twitter includes posting tweets, reply to tweets, and messaging. It serves everything without any exception. Moreover, it has been continually updating with more current highlights. However, there are a lot of progressive highlights that you may have missed in your Twitter apk. Similarly, the above-discussed cons of Twitter should also be fixed. These reasons led the developers to introduce the modified version of the Twitter app that adds extra features along with the original specifications. In the same way, the cons of Twitter are also fixed in the modified Twitter apk. 


Additional features of Twitter Mod apk

This version of the Twitter apk gives you those services for free that you have to buy with the money in a premium subscription. 

Following are some primary functions of the mod Twitter apk that you get for free:

Download button for video, pic, gifs

Besides the video’s online playing on Twitter, its Mod allows you to download the videos, pics, gifs, etc. You can download any of pic, videos, or gifs by simply clicking on the download button.

No ads

Ads are a disturbance in any normal function. No doubt, everyone wants to get rid of ads. People buy premium subscriptions of the app to get the ads off their apps to have a pure and disturbance-free app. But if you also want to get rid of ads and don’t want to spend money, this Mod version of Twitter is especially for you because you will have an ad-free environment of Twitter. 

Custom themes

The original version of the Twitter apk does not give you theme customization options. But, you can change the theme color and customize your themes in this version of Twitter.

Dark mode Access

Users like the dark mode if they have it and wished by users if they don’t have it. This is because this is eye-protective, and visuals like text, pictures, or videos look more clearly on plain black background.

Battery Saver

In this version, Twitter is battery efficient as it reduces the background tasks and services that consume much battery. Moreover, its designs and animations are fully optimized to use less power.

Smart notification

In addition to the above engaging features of the Twitter Mod, the smart notification option will also bring you to this version of the app. This option will help you to enable/disable direct messages. Mod apk of Twitter also allows you to disable all Twitter notifications.

Lightweight (LITE)

With optimized storage and cache, this version of Twitter is lightweight compared to the original version of Twitter. This works super-fast on all types of devices.

Multiple Accounts

If you have to use multiple accounts on Twitter, then the version of Twitter is beneficial because the Modified Twitter apk allows you to use multiple accounts quickly.

Create your Account under Twitter for Free today!

Twitter is easy to use and free social app that allows so many features to its users. It helps to build a personal relationship with fans or friends and maintain this social relation and connection. Due to these powerful features, Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms globally.

How to Download and Install the Twitter Mod Apk

1. Click on the Download button to download the Twitter Mod apk.

2. After downloading, click on the Install button.

3. Allow the installation from Unknown sources.

4. After installation, create your account and start using it.


We can conclude that Twitter has awe-inspiring, effective, and useful features. But, if you want to have some extra features on Twitter and don’t want to spend money for the premium subscription, then the modified/Mod version of Twitter is a solution for you.


What is the difference between Twitter and Twitter Mod apk?

Twitter is an official social app, and Twitter Mod apk is the unofficial cracked legal version.

How to download Twitter modified apk?

Twitter Mod apk is not available on the google play store. You can download it from our website.

Can we install both Twitter and Twitter modified apk at a time?

No, first you need to uninstall the original version, then you can install this one.

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