If you are a fan of Asian movies and shows, VIU Premium APK(ALL UNLOCKED) is a streaming service you should use. Every today, it is trusted by millions of people, and it serves as their favorite movie streaming service. Do you have what it takes to join them?

There are fewer people who watch TV shows these days as the latest movies and dramas provide a lot of entertainment. Because of this, I wanted to share my favorite app with you called Viu Premium APK, a free movie streaming app. It provides the option of streaming or downloading high-quality television shows and music.

There are many movies, TV shows, and videos available using this popular android app. Both iOS and Android versions of Vuclip Mobile Video’s Viu App are available. A multiscreen synchronization feature provides automatically synchronized viewing across diverse devices when using Viu premium mod apk Indonesia.

Additional Information

GameVIU Premium Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesAll Unlocked
DeveloperPCCW OTT (Hong Kong) Limited
Downloads10M +
Size20.83 MBs
Last update2 days ago


Korean and Asian film industries have both grown rapidly over the past decade or so. It is not only popular in Korea that Korean movies and TV shows are available around the world but they are also widely welcomed in many other cultures. The Korean entertainment industry presented a great opportunity to Netflix and the company quickly jumped on it. On this platform, you will find numerous original Korean series. The VIU MOD APK 2021 video streaming service is the most popular in Asia provider.

Vuclip Mobile Video, Hong Kong’s largest entertainment company, created and manages VIU, a video streaming service. Since VIU’s content is primarily from Asia, the service caters to Asians, unlike global streaming services like Netflix.

The platform also offers music, cartoons, and the best entertainment Asia has to offer. Mobile users now have access to the service. The application supports iOS and Android only. In addition to the SmartTV, it is also possible to install it and use it. There is no doubt that VIU enjoys a huge following in Asia, with more than 30 million users every month.

Key features of VIU Premium APK(ALL UNLOCKED)

Get access to a comprehensive collection of Asian entertainment:

Streaming service VIU apk mod is a site that lets fans of Asian movies and TV shows view movies and shows. If you install this application and become a member, you can watch for free online if you install this application and become a member. Content originating from Asia will only appear on this platform. The number of movies and TV shows available on VIU has grown to more than 10,000 currently. Among the entertainment options offered by the app are documentaries, animated shows, TV series, movies, and high-quality series.

VIU’s content is produced by Korean producers to a large extent. The Uncanny Counter, A Love So Beautiful, Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Record of Youth, and many more can now be viewed on this platform, including Running Man, The Penthouse, The Penthouse, The Uncanny Counter.

Also, India, Thailand, and Malaysia may have some entertaining content. Bollywood is one of your favorite movies? The great film industry of this country will thrill you on VIU! Additionally, VIU also has a range of reality TV shows that feature celebs and actors that can also catch the eye of many viewers.

VIU lets you watch thousands of great videos for free with just a smartphone and a stable internet connection!

Library content is updated every day:

New content is quickly available on VIU’s platform due to the library being updated every day. Now, KBS and Arirang are streaming full movies four hours after their broadcast. The subtitles on VIU can be customized and all content has them. There are four main languages supported by the application at this time: Chinese, Korean, Indian, and English.

Keep track of all the movies and TV shows you enjoy with notifications. With instant notifications, you’ll know when new episodes of your favorite series are available. Library materials at VIU are arranged scientifically. You can easily browse the contents because they are categorized. Besides, you can search for your favorite movies by entering a keyword in the search box. A list of popular keywords in your country is also available on this search page.

There’s no charge for VIU, but it’s high quality.

Stream your videos on VIU:

VIU apk mod android offers a wide variety of entertainment content in addition to video streaming. Keep informed about all the latest movies, shows, and TV shows through this platform. VIU’s user-friendly interface and steady streaming speeds will provide you with a great movie-watching experience.

Depending on where you are on VIU, the library of content changes. The recommendation engine will propose Bollywood and other television series from India to you. There are 16 developing nations in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa where VIU’s services are available.

Furthermore, the application will suggest content that is tailored to your viewing habits. This option is available right on the homepage. As your viewing habits change, the playlists you’re suggested will vary. VIU, for example, will continually suggest movies based on what you watch frequently.

High-quality free streaming:

VIU mod apk latest version popularity stems largely from the fact that it is free for everyone. On this platform, there is a lot of free content to stream. However, the free accounts can only stream in SD quality. You must upgrade your account to Premium to get the best quality. The service can only be used by registered members. Form completion requires only a few personal details, so it isn’t complicated.

The servers of VIU are located in over 20 countries worldwide. In this way, you’ll always get fast streaming video. Streaming videos at full speed requires only a stable network connection. Additionally, this app is capable of adapting the video quality according to your Internet connection.

Using offline mode:

VIU developers realize that online content is not always available, due to a lack of internet connection. Your favorite videos can be downloaded and viewed without Internet access, so you can watch videos anytime and anywhere. When you sign up for a Premium account, you can choose HD or SD quality downloads. The best viewing experience can only be obtained through HD quality, which obviously takes more storage space.

Downloads are not limited to VIU. Then you should be able to download any video on VIU provided you have a sufficient amount of free space.

Easily customizable:

Updates to applications are regularly released by developers. To enhance the user experience, customer feedback is also taken into consideration. Besides allowing you to customize the app for your specific preferences, the app also allows you to make many other changes.

For example, viewing local content is possible by changing your location. To change your settings, you are only required to go to the settings if you want to watch exclusive content in India from Singapore.

VIU MOD APK: Korean Dramas, Asian Variety, and Asian Entertainment

VIU Premium

Some VIU features are not available with the standard account. Aside from that, ads will definitely ruin your viewing experience. To take advantage of the special VIU benefits, upgrade your account to Premium. A Premium account has the following benefits:

  • Watch in the best possible quality
  • Content can be downloaded indefinitely
  • Only premium accounts have access to exclusive content.
  • Ads are not allowed

Modular features

Our team has updated the app to the latest version for you. Modifying your account gives you free access to premium features. MOD’s main feature is:

  • Subscribers have been activated
  • Advertisements are not allowed
  • Screenshots are not restricted
  • Login is not required

There are currently only a limited number of countries where VIU is available. There are quite a few good VPN services available for using the application if your IP isn’t on the list. This is a great VPN to use.

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APK VIU Premium Mod for Android: How to download and install?

To get Viu Premium Mod for Android, you have to first go to the download page.

  • You can now install the apk file by opening your file manager app.
  • Tap on it when you find it. If that installation asks you to allow an unknown source, you might be advised to allow it.
  • Install the software and then allow it to finish.
  • Launch VIU Premium Mod.
  • Premium features can be accessed without signing in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VIU premium available on a variety of devices?

A maximum of five devices can be used simultaneously to access your account.

Why should I subscribe to VIU Premium?

Access all of Viu’s features with their Premium package: Content: Browse all of the shows and movies on the site, including movies, television shows, lifestyle programs, and children’s shows. Streaming videos without ads is available on most paid services.

Is VIU premium activation easy?

Subscribe to Viu Premium by texting VIU99 to 8080. To complete the subscription, click on the link you will receive via text.

Final Words

Korea and Asia have all their films and TV shows available through VIU. It is recommended to use the latest version of this app to view content on VIU.

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