War Robots MOD APK 6.7.1 (Unlimited Money)

War Robots MOD APK 6.7.1 (Unlimited Money) is a multiplayer online shooter, in which the player takes control of a giant robot and fights with other players from around the world. There is no single campaign here. The player is first able to see his robot in a hangar. After pressing the appropriate button, the game sends the player to a random fight in which he must learn basic management skills.

Moving around the map is controlled by the virtual joystick, while the buttons for shooting weapons are located on the right. By swiping to the right, you can rotate the tower. Two weapons can be installed on a combat vehicle. You can diversify your arsenal by using the game currency in addition to the usual machine gun and rocket launcher. In order to upgrade the robot, it must consistently win battles to earn funds.

This game offers excellent optimization for Android devices – you won’t experience lags or freezes. This is in the presence of a high-quality 3D graphic display and the need for an Internet connection. A series of giant mechanoids are shot with excellent visuals and sound. The multiplayer shooter War Robots is a must-have for any fan of multi-player games like World of Tanks.

Information Table:

Name of the AppWar Robots Mod Apk
Size52.4 MB
Latest Version6.7.1
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold and Silver
Content RatingAll ages Fantasy Violence, Alcohol Reference, Mild  Language
Requires4.3 and up
Get it onGoogle Play

War Robots MOD APK features a robot theme

MOD APK for War Robots unlimited gold, you will be a military commander and you will choose a team of robots to fight with. The robots of your choice can be chosen by you. War Robots MOD APK includes a variety of amazing robots with varying powers. Take the robot of your choice into battle and select it.

You need to collect beacons. The goal will be to protect these beacons from enemies. Learn about the best strategies for winning the game War Robots.

Gameplay of War Robots Mod Apk

One of the most engaging robot-themed MOBA action games on Android is War Robots mod apk unlimited gold and silver download 2020. Published by Pixonic in 2014, it was the first game of its kind. After six years of development, the game has received many achievements few other games can achieve.

There are currently over 50 million installations of War Robots. The game has been optimized for PvP features to give players a better experience.

Playing the game

On War Robots, destructive robots engage in fierce battles. As soon as a battle begins, the player is sent to the battlefield with five other teammates. This goal also gradually changes depending on the game mode. The goal could be scoring, or fighting for survival until either side’s forces are completely defeated.

The gameplay of War Robots

Personally, I prefer to fight in a survival manner. While I can’t fix the mistake, War Robots made me understand just how cruel war can be.


War Robots is mainly about robots. They protect you and defeat other evil enemies.

A game for Android that simulates war

There are two types of robots: common and epic.  Due to their superior combat abilities and special skill systems, the second type is the type of character that all players aim for.

Loki and Stalker are two examples. Their invisibility allows them to make their enemies passive before an attack, which makes them more vulnerable. The damage or speed of some robots can be increased.

It is also possible to replace and upgrade parts of the robot. These are things you should do if your financial situation is good enough.

Instruments of war

There is a difference between robots and weapons. Weapons are equipped by default on the robot, but they are very light and not of great value in battle.

The challenges you face will increase as time goes by. As well as possessing a variety of explosive weapons, the opponent fights intelligently. If you want to avoid losing, you should also upgrade your robot’s weapon.

There are currently three types of weapons in the War Robots mod apk latest version 2021, including light, medium, and heavy types. The capabilities of each are different, of course. Even if a weapon is lighter, it provides less damage than a weapon of a higher tier.

Additionally, as your robot grows, he will be able to mount weapons. The mounts can support up to four parts, so he can continue attacking enemies without having to wait for reloading.

Maps and tactics

Maps come in 12 varieties. Each has its own layout and structure. As a result, it is very important for your team to set up tactics to fight more effectively.

The map of Springfield depicts a large area, but its topography is split by a river and connected by a bridge. There are fields, sparse trees, and obstructions on one side. Similarly, the opposite is true when there are many works that block and obstruct the view.

Also included are Valley, Rome, Castle, and eight more maps. It is not described in the system, but you can observe and capture it when you experience it.

The modes of operation

A variety of game modes are available in War Robots, including There are Quick Matches, Dominations, Beacons Rushes, Team Deathmatches, and Arenas and Skirmishes. Skirmish and Arena are all you can do it openly on the weekends.

Players can continually improve their experience with the game thanks to the diverse variety of modes in general. Custom and default modes are divided into two categories.

Default mode matches players against artificial intelligence. Default player counts are 6v6 and the map is randomly selected.

In custom mode, everything is different. A map can be selected, along with a maximum number of players, and players may team up or compete with friends. The company does not offer any rewards or bonuses.

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Features of War Robots Mod Apk

Different types of commanders

Various commanders are available for you to choose from. Use the best combination of commander and robot to make War robots MOD APK work for you. Unlock the best and most suitable features to make your commander more powerful and capable.

The system is incredible

The controls in War Robots MOD APK are amazing. There are many stages in this game.  Early stages are easier than later stages. You will compete with the best players from all over the world in this game. You can easily defeat your enemies if you pick the right tactics and approaches.

Play online games with other gamers

War Robots MOD APK allows you to play with anyone in the world. You can play online with your friends. First, you should play solo to gain enough experience so that you can learn skills and tactics properly.

Here are some cool hacks and tricks

It offers unique and useful hacks that help players win the game. We can win the game by using proper hacks and tactics.

Visual and acoustic quality

The 3D graphics in War Robots MOD APK are stunning. Explore and unlock more fun graphics on your Android device. You can change the graphics settings whenever you want. In War Robots MOD APK players can enjoy interesting sound effects. Additionally, you can chat with your team.

Feature of MOD

Rockets Unlimited: You will have more rockets than usual

How to install/download war robots mod apk?

The first step is to download the game from Google Play (if you have never installed this game before).

The second step is to delete the version downloaded from Google Play.

The Third Step is to Download and install the MOD version.

Final words of War Robots Mod Apk

Mod Apk War Robots (Unlimited Bullets/Missiles) – supervise powerful titans and crush everything in their path. The latest weapons and reinforcements are welded together. You will earn attributes when you play against other players, which you will be able to spend on enhancements and new iron beasts.There are countless illustrations and fantastic additions in the diversion, as well as cards. Your superiority in the War Robots battle will help you win against your companions!


Can we play war robots unlimited money apk with friends?

War robots unlimited money apk lets you play with anyone in the world. You can play online with your friends.

Is it possible to download War Robots MOD APK for free?

The game is free for all gamers. We can play WAR ROBOTS MOD APK for free. This game can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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