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Simulators of animals, businesses, cities, and so on are common, but you are probably not familiar with those of gods. That being said, Android gamers can now play the brand new and exciting mobile game, WorldBox, where they can become omnipotent and control an entire planet.

You will see an untouched 2D world as you peer down from the cosmic heights. As the absolute power in this world, you can set up your grand plan for this planet here. From creation to destruction, you can do whatever you want with your god-like powers. Whether you are a god of good or evil is up to you.

Developed in 2018, Maxim Karpenko’s 2D project WorldBox mod apk emulates god simulators. By placing continental zones at your discretion and choosing the kind of plants and animals you want, you can create your own unique planet. In addition to the animal ecosystem, intelligent life can be created with the choice of a civilization development path. Wanna experience life as an almighty god? It is now possible for you to do so. Besides Mafia City and Pocket Ants, you can also try Mafia City if you prefer large-scale simulations.

Table of world box mod apk :

Name of appWorldbox mod apk 
PublisherMaxim Karpenko
Get it onGoogle Play store
MOD infoFree Shopping
Requires Android5.0+

More About Worldbox premium apk 

Simulate the world of God in the addictive game WorldBox by Maxim Karpenko. You can create life in your world and watch it grow, including animals and mythical creatures. There is a lot of freedom in god games – you can build what you want, add different characters to your world, and take complete control of your game in WorldBox. It truly is a world in a box.

There are tons of races and species to introduce to the game, as well as natural events that you control. The world is your oyster, from sheep to zombies. Can you send different civilizations to war so you can see what happens – zombies versus sheep? I’ll take it! WorldBox for Android is extremely detailed, especially for a free-to-play game.

The game offers Android gamers real-time virtual world simulation gameplay, which allows you to take control of an entire world. Take advantage of the exciting in-game features while you have it in your hand. You can do whatever you wish with your world. Creating life in the land or bringing death to it is the act of creating and destroying, trying.

Create a world with diverse environments by altering the landscape. From animals, people, sea creatures, to fantasized creatures and monsters, anything you can imagine can be added to the land. They can build their own kingdoms of men, elves, orcs, dwarfs, and even demons.

You’re still able to create, but you can also destroy lands with your powers. Your fire can burn up the entire planet or your tsunami can sink the continents. Set off devastating natural disasters across the globe. Shake it up until the planet is untouched again.


Premium Apps

Premium Games

Goldfinger Apk Gameplay

2D pixels will allow players to play the role of god, creating their own world by building and destroying freely. Five basic tabs are introduced, each of which requires a different element to be used. The full version pack, however, allows players to spice up their experience and open up several cool features. The full version can be viewed by watching the advertisement for 30 minutes.

There are three tabs for selecting landscape types: mountains, mud, hills, and ocean. Other tabs include human, village, territory, and mythical creatures such as orcs and elves. The development of civilizations will also occur independently, beginning with a prehistoric man. In the third one, you can expect to find quite a few animals and monsters. Everything from rabbits to bears, from beautiful chickens to incredibly large insects that change the landscape, is all there is to the game. Players can choose to either help the animals or destroy some villages or herds of sheep under the fourth tab. Those who play this version will have to deal with destructive powers such as bombs and atomic bombs when one is activated.

War is a cruel world

Players can choose between two modes in the game entitled “global law”: a peaceful forever mode or a permanent violence mode. A peaceful way involves not attacking one another and focusing instead on the preparation of goods, such as minerals and crops.

As an alternative, players will be able to see the ongoing wars between villages in all their aggression. Humans will have to fight not only predators such as bears and wolves but also other humans. I believe that aggressive experimentation is more interesting because it allows us to present the world in an honest and realistic way, where everything must do its best to stay alive. A world simulator can tell a lot about a game by analyzing its aggressive world.

Graphics from WorldBox

With its cool-looking pixel-style art, WorldBox creates a nostalgic feeling for players. The design of Goldfinger apk may be quite simple, but it still has its advantages because they are easy to understand and memorize when compared to other popular sandbox games. To help them master their worlds. Taking a little time is all it takes.

In this game, finding things such as houses or trees is also admirable. An object’s shape may gradually change depending on the activity of the creatures around it. As the owner develops, a small wooden house can become a stone house. The best thing about this game is that whenever a tree is cut down, you can see the path it takes. As one tree grows backward, a new one automatically grows in its place. The world appears as if it were real.

Discover how you can do it

The well-designed WorldBox premium apk Sandbox Good Simulator is a game that allows players to build, destroy and rebuild their own world freely. The game has already gained the love and attention of millions of people and promises to keep any fan of the genre in check. There is a wide range of WorldBox apps available on the App Store.

This game has unexpectedly realistic explosions that make the game so interesting. They are also incredibly accurate and rational when it comes to their physical effects. The game lets you set up anything from beautiful and harmless fireworks to terrifying atomic bombs.

Features of WorldBox APK


Select the size of the land, the number of islands, ocean level, and the presence of random life forms. A random world can be generated based on the parameters selected. Choosing the depth of the waters near the coastline allows you to ensure that there are opportunities for shipping and seafaring when designing the face of your planet. Construct deserts, fertile areas, wetlands, rivers, and mountains according to the landscape and climate. There is always another map a gamer can generate if he/she does not like the original one.


You need to refer to the section on Forces of Mass Destruction if you want to use natural or manufactured disasters. As well, the Laws icon can assist in regulating the interaction between countries, people, and representatives of the animal world. It is only the player who determines the foreign policy and behavior of the formed states. A path of peaceful progress leads to benevolent relations between neighboring countries and the development of colonies. WorldBox triggers aggression when the peaceful coexistence feature is disabled.


Bring humans, dwarves, orcs, and wood elves to land using your powers. Each civilization has its own characteristics and preferences. A settlement can be established by placing several representative creatures in a chosen location. Use functions that define city and country boundaries. Settlements live on their own without intervention from players. If you zoom in on the map, you can see humans cutting trees, building houses, roads, and dwarves mining ore, constructing dwellings, and elves building impressive structures. Fungi are necessary for life, though. Animate continents by sending birds, animals, and fish into the air.

God’s vast arsenal

Your arsenal should include both fictional and science-based tools. You can create unique underground worms with WorldBox, send acid rains, and drop atomic bombs on your subjects. Watch how little people fight all the animals and the cataclysms. For now, one bear will be enough to eat half a village. Nevertheless, your test subjects’ level of technology is rapidly improving.


Since WorldBox uses 2D graphics, there’s no need to discuss details of the drawing, rendering, music, etc. In fact, our pixel game is capable of running on almost any device and has many functions and this is its biggest advantage.


A WorldBox mod, which gives you free access to premium features of the game, is presented to your attention. Your worlds are now completely yours to develop, so do as you like with them.

TESTING MODS of World box

It has been tested by our team and has been found to be fully functional. You can unlock premium functionality the first time you start the game. Your gameplay will only become more engaging and exciting now. With antivirus software, we checked the installation file for safety as well. No problems were found during testing.

You should begin by creating your world. Fill the land with animals and create living organisms. WorldBox also offers options for diversifying generated worlds and adding specific creatures. They can be goblins, orcs, and other monsters, for example. What will happen next, however? It is just a matter of observing from a bird’s eye view and following the events as they unfold.

In god mode, the user can create a variety of civilizations. Civilizations can acquire special abilities. Do not overdo it, however, since one race of creatures will gladly begin to clash with another. Generate new organisms that will exist for a long time.

You can also contemplate global cataclysms: volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, hurricanes, and nuclear explosions that can destroy all living things in a second. During the game, the player can either allow the destruction of a world he created himself or prevent a catastrophe that does not depend on the inhabitants. Do you want to experience god mode? It is worth trying to play WorldBox on your device.

How to download/install world box apk:

Our website was made to make downloading as simple as possible for all visitors. The following guide can help you if it is your first time downloading a modded or hacked app from a third party source:

To start downloading the APK, click the download button.

  • As soon as it has completed, open your file manager and select the WorldBox Technifiser application file.
  • The first time you install an APK file on your device, you may be asked to grant several permissions. The installation process can be allowed by opening the device settings and choosing “Allow from this source”.
  • It becomes available for playing once the game installation has been completed!
  • To prevent errors during the installation process, make sure you delete the original WorldBox before installing our modified version.

Final words About World Box Mod

There aren’t many strategy elements in WorldBox and it focuses more on free play and creative destruction/creation. Various parts of the game are unlocked when certain combinations are figured out or certain scenarios are met. There is a wide variety of results in the World Box Mod apk – it has been thought out carefully and gets more exciting as time goes on. So please download this app from our site.


Does this worldbox mod come for free?

Worldbox mod apk is free to download and play.

 Can APKs be trusted?

If a site or rumor suggests otherwise, ignore it. Generally, APKs are as safe as .exe files for Windows PCs. You should always download APK from trusted sources, however. Below you’ll find some of the safest APK download mirrors available.

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