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Zoom is an online chat service program that allows everyone across the world to meet on the cloud-based software forum. Zoom Video Communications developed this videotelephony software app on September 10, 2012. Today millions, billions of people download the zoom apk for making their meeting successful and efficient remotely. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of app tremendously increase and effectively helps people in telecommuting, social relations, teleconferencing, and distance education.

On the free version of zoom apk, you can create a meeting room for up to two or three people with a time limit of forty minutes while allowing in up to a hundred devices at once. Anyhow, by opting for the premium apk, you can invite more than a thousand people without any time limit. 

Video Meetings from Anywhere 

  • The outstanding quality of videos and audios
  • Easy to join the meeting with PCs, phone, emails, or contacts of the company. 

Collaborate ON-THE-GO

  • Add text, graphics, or files over shared content.
  • Best for the Android Phone/tablet content
  • Best quality of mobile screen sharing quality 
  • On Android tablets provides whiteboard collaboration in real-time. 

Unlimited Messaging

  • Send files, links, gifs, pictures, and messages on the spot to people.
  • Make or be a part of private and public chat channels.
  • Responds to the people’s comments with emojis and have fun.

Make, Pick, and Manage Phone Calls

  • Receive call recording and voicemail along with transcripts.
  • For autonomously answer and route calls, setup the auto-receptionists.
  • Also, you can utilize call delegation for managing calls on behalf of others.
  • Make or Pick calls with your business number. 

And More

  • Attend Zoom Webinars.
  • You can use a safe driving mode while driving on the road.
  • Zoom is compatible with Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G/LTE, and 5G networks.
  • Utilize Android application for a direct share in Zoom Rooms or to initiate your meetings. 

Zoom License Information:

  • Get a paid subscription to zoom to unlock various useful features.
  • Any paid or free license may use with this software.
  • Zoom Phone is considered as an add-on for the license of paid zoom.  

How to Signing into Zoom 

  • Firstly, open the evergreen.zoom.us.
  • Choose the Sign-in option there.
  • (Each student can have a basic account where they can host forty-minute meetings)
  • The app goes to sign in along with the SSO button and use your evergreen that account and password on the zoom cloud meetings application on the zoom.

How to Update Zoom Profile?

Go to the Zoom Web portal sign and click on your profile. The Zoom profile edits the user information such as email address, personal meeting ID, name, DOB, and other things.

Edit profile while considering the agreements of the program by following the recommended instructions. 

Profile Picture: Click on change for changing or adding a profile picture, crop the image if needed, and upload. You can delete the picture as well by choosing the delete option.

Name: Click edit on the right side of the profile for modifying the user’s name. Also, you can put further information such as Job Title, Company, Department, and Location. 

Recommendation: To add the user’s desired pronouns afterward, their last name.

How to Install Zoom apk?

  • Go to the Android handset’s settings.
  • Choose the security icon, and allow “Unknown Sources.”
  • By allowing Unknown Sources, you can install third-party applications.
  • Download the file of zoom apk from the above link for android.
  • Go to downloads and check the downloaded file. 
  • Afterward, install the file by clicking on the Install button.
  • The installation process takes a few seconds.
  • When the installation process complete, the file will be installed and ready to run.
  • At last, open the app and start video chat. 

More Features of Zoom apk

  • Linux, Windows, iOS, Chrome OS, macOS, and Android are entirely compatible with to zoom cloud meeting app. Apart from this, the application is famous for its super easy user-interface; anyone can run this software by merely following the guidelines provided by zoom video communication. 
  • In this one online platform, you can do group video conferences, plugins, screen sharing, recording meetings, and browser extensions. However, it often offers some computers and OS to choose a virtual background as you can use it as a backdrop behind you.
  • Zoom owns adequate security for its users in which locked meetings, waiting rooms, randomly generated IDs, user authentication, disabling participant screen sharing, and host’s ability to remove non-serious participants are involved.
  • Moreover, the application starts to provide end-to-end encryption to enterprise and business users in June 2020. In addition to this, AES 256 GCM encryption is also allowed for each user. Eventually, in October 2020, the software launched end-to-end encryption for both paid and free users. However, it is accessible on all the forums but not on the official zoom web client. 
  • Furthermore, with the help of Otter.ai software, zoom gives users transcription services as well. And the transcription service offers to preserve the transcription of online zoom meetings.
  • Zoom phone and zoom rooms are other facilities that come as a service product in a hardware form. The zoom phone is accessible in forty different countries for offering domestic telephone service. Further, a new product or a category of zoom for the home launched for home use. 
  • In September 2020, the latest features for the folks who feel hard in hearing, visually impaired, or deaf. Besides, new features such as moving around the windows’ videos as a gallery view enhanced keyboard shortcuts; pin the video windows if you want it to highlight. The addition of the latest tools to manage the length of closed captioning text, especially new sign language interpreters for unique individualities, is incredible as now window fit precisely next to the speaker.
  • On the platform of Zoomtopia, zoom proclaimed their versatile idea to build a virtual event marketplace with the support of a combined payment system. Nonetheless, this idea’s motive is to provide people with a forum to host and promote their live events. And this whole concept is called Onzoom, where the host will manage an event or series of events for more than a thousand participants and sell online tickets. 


  • Many banks, government agencies, Parliaments, healthcare professionals, and universities worldwide are using zoom. Besides them, zoom also has been used by different event managements for delivering catering, funeral, and party services. 
  • A virtual club has been introduced by the zoom and Formula One cooperation where fans have a chance to participate in virtual activities. 
  • Even the play What Do We Need to Talk About by Richard Nelson performed on zoom with its main characters. Indeed, that was the first play, performed online on zoom cloud meeting during the quarantine. Afterward, some other plays and activities also take part on this platform during Covid-19.
  • On July 3-4, 2020, zoom comes with another innovative idea to gather the globe with Alma Mater Europaea and the International Association of Constitution Law. They start a “round-the-clock and round-the-globe” campaign where from twenty-eight countries fifty-two speakers take part. However, the series of events continues to travel throughout the world. 
  • In this way, zoom cloud global meeting from the east to the west becomes a part of daily life for many people.
  • Above and beyond, people start to conduct award ceremonies and zoom; 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards are one of the examples hosted by Jimmy Kimmel on September 20, 2020. 
  • Likewise, there are so many instances where online zoom cloud meetings proved a helpful invention in Today’s age. 

How to use Zoom Cloud Meetings?

  1. Joining:
  •  Click on the inviting link of zoom by the host.
  • Or enter the Meeting ID’s in the join the option of zoom.
  • Connect with Audio 
  • You can connect to audio by both mobile and computer, but the computer is recommended.
  • Tap on join audio.
  • Select Join Audio by computer option to allow the speaker and microphone of your device to work.
  • If you are there for only listening to, then it is better to set yourself on mute to avoid unnecessary noise.
  • Connect to Video

    To start your video:

  • Tap on the Video icon to activate the webcam.
  • Tap on the video icon until the cut appears on the video icon to stop the webcam.
  • Go to the up arrow to check the video settings. 
  • Raise hand and participants 
  • Tap on the Hand Raise icon for noticing yourself to host if you have any questions.  
  • To lower it, tap one more time on the Hand Raise icon.
  • If you want to see the participants, then tap on the participants. 
  • For additional controls, click on more. 
  • Chat with Participants 
  • Tap on the chat to go to the chat panel. 
  • Send a message in the chat panel to start a discussion with other participants.

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